Appgate Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Software Defined Perimeter (SDP)

    Software Defined Perimeter (SDP): Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) for Hybrid IT

    • Reduce Attack Surface: Ports, workloads and applications are invisible unless authenticated and authorized to access.
    • Verify Identity: Access permissions are conditional and based on user context such as role, date, time, location and device posture.
    • Dynamically Adjust Entitlements: As context surrounding the identity changes in real time, so can the user’s entitlements.
    • Prevent Lateral Movement: Surgical micro-segmentation eliminates visibility and access to unauthorized resources.
    • Secure East-West Traffic: Control bi-directional connections between resources on the network.
  • Risk-Based Authentication (RBA)

    Risk-Based Authentication (RBA): RBA is designed to provide dynamic protection against complex fraud.

    • Risk-Based Authentication provides protection at the user level by adapting to known behaviors and using context to authenticate users and approve transactions.
    • Qualify the risk of any given transaction, on any channel, in real time and compared to normal user behavior.
    • Create customized rules to prompt action based on your risk tolerance.
    • Implement the authentication methods that work best for your organization
  • Digital Threat Protection

    Digital Threat Protection: Appgate’s DTP helps combat phishing and external threats targeting your consumers.

    • Digital footprints for individuals and organizations are expanding, creating a broad attack surface. Appgate’s Digital Threat Protection illuminates the threats lurking across social, mobile and the dark web.
    • Find targeted phishing campaigns, malicious mobile apps, and social media campaigns before they strongly impact customers
    • Gain early stage warnings with website health monitoring
    • Ensure session integrity with web injection reporting and classification
  • Threat Advisory Service
    • Adversary Simulation - Can your security team detect and contain a breach rapidly? We model a persistent threat from inside your network and evaluate your security team's reaction to a real-world attempt and their ability to identify and contain an actual breach.
    • Advanced Penetration Testing: Assessments performed from the perspective of authorized users and authorized users to ensure vulnerabilities in web servers, app servers and databases are not present.
  • Additional Consulting Services

    The expertise of our Threat Advisory Services team runs deep and we offer bespoke consulting services tailored to the needs of our customers:

    • Vulnerability Research
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Source Code Analysis
    • Enterprise Platform Testing (PaaS)
    • Wireless Security Assessmen