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Container Security Solutions

Anchore, Inc., based in Santa Barbara, CA, was founded in 2016 by Saïd Ziouani and Daniel Nurmi to help organizations implement secure container-based workflows without compromising velocity. It delivers open source image inspection and scanning tools, along with complete container workflow solutions for highly-regulated industries.

Anchore Federal was designed in collaboration with the United States Department of Defense to deliver out-of-the-box compliance for Federal agencies. With Anchore, DevSecOps teams can establish flexible, policy-based approaches to software supply chain security. Customers range from Fortune 100 companies to small- and mid-sized organizations, across all major industries and government branches. Anchore is trusted by modern software development companies across the globe.





Introducing Anchore Enterprise 2.3

Anchore Enterprise 2.3 is a big release! It includes a set of features, including some designed for those who deploy Windows and .Net applications inside containers. Listen to this short webinar to learn about these improvements and everything else inside Anchore Enterprise 2.3.
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Case Study

Building a DevSecOps Pipeline for the
Department of Defense

This case study explores how Anchore and Red Hat teamed up to build a DevSecOps pipeline for the DoD by
implementing a flexible, container-based platform for software delivery powered by Red Hat OpenShift
and Anchore Enterprise. With this platform, they can maintain a streamlined, zero-trust security
and compliance posture while releasing new software as frequently as mission conditions require.