Aimpoint Technology Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Summary of Aimpoint Offerings:

    Value Realization Services – The right Salesforce resources to guide your unique Salesforce journey from pre-procurement through project completion.

    Org Health Assessments – Certified Architects to assess the current state of your Salesforce Org and to provide prescriptive recommendations to eliminate technical debt and to accelerate the adoption of new Salesforce capabilities.

    Implementation Services – Certified experts to implement your project or to enhance your existing Salesforce applications.

Aimpoint Value Realization Services

Flexible advisory services that scale to meet your needs

Aimpoint Value Realization Services (VRS) is designed to bring flexibility and budget predictability to our customers. Through VRS Aimpoint is able to scale a fixed price / fixed duration advisory engagement to support our customers throughout their Salesforce journey. Led by a named resource who has access to the full range of Aimpoint expertise, VRS is an advisory offering solely focused on delivering customer success.

VRS is a flexible offering designed to:

  • Accelerate time to value
  • Reduce implementation risks
  • Demonstrate Salesforce best practices
  • Prevent technical debt, and
  • Increase performance and scalability

Org Health Assessments

Review your Org’s health to develop prescriptive recommendations

Overtime Salesforce Orgs naturally accumulate technical debt and large data volume issues which erode performance and limit the speed / agility with which new applications can be deployed. Aimpoint’s Health Assessment uncovers these items and provides prescriptive recommendations to remediate them.

Aimpoint’s Health Assessment will identify items, including:

  • Over customization and recommend configuration-first options
  • Coding antipatterns and recommend Salesforce best practices
  • Salesforce system limits which may be impacting performance
  • Potential security concerns resulting from misconfigurations
  • New Salesforce features which should be adopted
  • Aged APIs and end-of-life features which need to be migrated to newer versions.

Implementation Services

Configuring Salesforce to meet your Success Criteria

Increasing business value is at the heart of Aimpoint’s methodology for implementing Salesforce solutions. Aimpoint prioritizes increasing business value and our teams bring a thoughtful, industry-specific, point-of-view to our projects. We do not take orders, we collaborate to design the best solution to maximize business value.

An Aimpoint implementation project will:

  • Maximize business value
  • Adhere to Salesforce best practices
  • Challenge requirements leading to over customization
  • Follow a hybrid agile methodology