Actsoft Solutions for the Public Sector

Our all-in-one digital app is the only Workforce Management solution that is StateRAMP authorized and designed to help Public Sector organizations better manage their workforce and meet their requirements for cybersecurity compliance.

Our technology platform offers:

  • Data Security: Our platform ensures that office-based and remote workers’ data is safeguarded. Sensitive information is secured, reducing the risk of breaches and costly fines from noncompliance.
  • Data Administration: Leaders can administer/assign the sharing of data based on Security levels, Roles, and Responsibilities.
  • Data Privacy: Actsoft stores data in the Azure Government Cloud, ensuring it remains separate from commercial customers. This distinction not only ensures enhanced data security and protection but also upholds data sovereignty principles.
  • Data Protection: Our platform ensures data remains encrypted at all times – whether at rest or in transit and while at offices or on the road. Agencies/organizations can avoid data breaches and minimize potential data loss.
  • Data Retention: We can store/retain data for 7 years or longer depending on Agency requirements. This capability minimizes the risk of losing valuable data and ensures the safety and availability of data while complying with government or industry regulations.
  • Data Collection: Our platform can replicate Paper Based Forms, providing a digital alternative to traditional paper processes. According to a U.S. Chamber of Commerce report, paper processes alone cost the federal government $38.7 billion per year. Paperwork is automated and digitized to reduce costs and securely eliminate paperwork.
  • Mission Alignment: Our platform helps agency/organization protect a range of assets, not just information and data.

Core features include:

  • Wireless Forms – Eliminate paperwork costs, delays, errors, headaches, and clutter via digital forms and checklists.
  • Job Dispatching – Serve more customers and accelerate response time with digital work order management.
  • Mobile Timekeeping – Enhance productivity and eliminate costly DT & OT by enabling employees to clock in/out on devices.
  • GPS Tracking – Improve accountability and safety by monitoring employee locations during work hours
  • Intra-Company Messaging – Strengthen employee understanding by communicating real-time project updates.