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Salesforce Marketing Cloud for the rest of us

Activation Studio is a certified solution for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. As an official ISV partner of Salesforce, Activation Studio’s number one value is trust. The solution is built on top of Salesforce, so that data of your students and donors is kept within the Salesforce platform, and never leaves, ensuring complete data security and privacy.

Activation Studio is the missing piece of the Marketing Cloud jigsaw, adding no-code audience segmentation, web tracking and relevance scoring to the best marketing automation platform on the planet. In addition, the intuitive interface of Activation Studio allows you to boost Marketing Cloud adoption and productivity, maximising your investment and campaign performance. The results are more targeted campaigns, more personalized content, higher open rates, higher click-through rates, higher conversion rates, and lower opt-out rates. This all equals far greater campaign engagement.

We specialize in the Education sector. Activation Studio is able to identify the interest of your students based on their digital activity, so that you can understand them and communicate with them more effectively. Using Activation Studio no-code audience segmentation, you can target the right students, with the right message, at the right time. Finally, with Activation Studio relevance scoring the College can create prioritization metrics and tags based on an Applicant’s journey and behaviour on the website. These prioritization metrics and tags are then used to create a profile of the applicant, so that marketing communications can be more targeted, interesting for the students, and effective.

Using Activation Studio you can:

  • Identify fake student applications
  • Identify when real applications are submitted qualify and prioritize student applications
  • Personalize campaign content to students' interests and needs, keeping students engaged
  • Personalise campaign content to potential students to assist with course selection
  • Identify active donors on your website

Activation Studio is very easy to use and is a no-code solution. Everything in the platform is click-based and managed via drag-and-drop functionalities. No technical training is required to use Activation Studio successfully. Activation Studio is built on top of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We also have direct integration with Salesforce CRM (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, et cetera), via the Salesforce CRM package that we provide. The integration with Salesforce CRM is ready to be used out of the box or can be customized to your specific requirements. Using Activation Studio requires no project implementation. The solution works immediately, as soon as it is installed. Our time-to-value is instant.

Our team is available to support you with training, or any additional service you might require for using Activation Studio to its potential.

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