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Unified management system for complex training & compliance operations

The Acadis® Readiness Suite is a proven, enterprise-class software solution that simplifies the complex operational training tasks common to the high-risk, blended, and distributed training environments of federal agencies, law enforcement, public safety, and the military.

In addition to modernizing training operations, Acadis tracks traditional classroom instruction, written assessments, in-field skill evaluations, and online learning, ensuring a complete and detailed training record for both agencies and individuals regardless of the delivery method. Acadis automates and integrates costly standalone training functions and tracks a variety of resources and their chain of custody, thereby facilitating accurate forecasting of current and future physical, technological, and human resource requirements.

Acadis consists of a base training management platform and a series of optional supporting software modules, which are configurable to support an organization’s full spectrum of training operations. These modules work in tandem to support and manage online and classroom-based courses, high-liability training in the field, and complex administrative processes. The modular system also supports training management across an individual’s entire career.

On the user side, the Acadis database collects, organizes, and retains data essential to training, compliance, and administration for easy access by authorized employees. Depending on their role in the organization, users can access Acadis via Portals, which are mobile-enabled and specifically designed for general employee use, test-taking and administering, student registration, and other functions. This gives each user quick access to the Acadis features that they need while ensuring data security and ease of use.

Unlike other training management systems, the Acadis Readiness Suite is designed specifically for the demands of public safety agencies. Also, unlike most other systems, Acadis is authorized at the FedRAMP Moderate Impact level. This benefits agencies that utilize cloud-based services by providing an advanced, consistent security standard, which is subject to continuous monitoring in order to keep data protected even as threats to security evolve.

In summary, Acadis saves federal agencies time and money through the consolidation of existing systems and increases their efficiency by streamlining workflows and information into a single framework.

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