VIDIZMO Solutions for the Public Sector


VIDIZMO enterprise video streaming, content management and digital evidence management solutions are user-friendly, customizable, integratable and deployable in public & government cloud, on-premise and hybrid infrastructure.


  • Digital Evidence Management
  • EnterpriseTube
  • Virtual Academy


  • Digital Evidence Management

    VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management (DEM) enables security and law enforcement agencies to securely receive, manage and analyze digital evidence, including videos, photos, audio and all other types of digital evidence.

    With VIDIZMO’s device-agnostic Digital Evidence Management System, public safety and law enforcement agencies can automatically collect evidence from bodycams, dashcams, CCTV cameras, drones and phone call recordings while observing requirements for chain of custody. From there, you can successfully manage and analyze content for quicker investigations, effective prosecutions and presentation of digital evidence in the court of law.

    Key Benefits

    • Save cost by storing and managing all digital evidence in one system
    • Save officers’ time spent on handling digital evidence on discs
    • Secure all digital evidence from any cyber-attack or natural disaster
    • Ingest digital evidence automatically from all digital evidence sources
    • Integrate all the evidence capturing and management systems such as CCTV, dash-cams, body-worn cameras (BWC), CAD and RMS in order to save money and efforts spent on maintaining multiple systems
    • Share evidence securely among different agencies, courts, prosecutors, defense attorneys and more
    • Maintain system-generated chain of custody and evidence tamper report of all evidence and make evidence admissible in the court of law
    • Generate audit logs of all activities performed in the system to ensure accountability
    • Improve policing by analyzing digital evidence with the help of GIS Evidence Map and Artificial Intelligence
    • Redact faces and objects from digital evidence to comply with Freedom of Information Act
    • Ensure compliance with major law enforcement compliance like CJIS, DISA and more
  • EnterpriseTube

    EnterpriseTube is an enterprise video streaming and digital Content Management System (CMS) with enterprise-class security and smooth content delivery to a broad range of video playback devices under all bandwidth conditions in a YouTube-like responsive, multilingual, multi-channel and brandable user-interface (UI).

    EnterpriseTube is deployable in a public or government cloud, on-premises or hybrid deployment model, delivers video & other digital content securely, and integrates seamlessly with applications such as LMS, CMS and video conferencing systems to securely store, manage, edit and share digital content with internal and external audiences.

    Key Benefits

    • Save cost and resources on managing and maintaining content on disintegrated storage
    • Upload and manage all digital media content in over 255+ supported formats
    • Combine different types of digital media content in collections
    • Get a multi-tenant platform that ensures security, autonomy and privacy for each department
    • Scale delivery of live and on-demand video smoothly across all local and global offices with uncertain video demand
    • Collect feedback on video with survey inserted inside the video
    • Integrate with existing IT and software systems, reaping maximum ROI from all systems together
    • Promote team communication and collaboration without impacting the existing network
    • Transfer knowledge among different stakeholders through interactive webinar with live chat
    • Build a video content library with a google-like search
    • Leverage Artificial Intelligence to generate automatic transcription, translation, metadata and tags
    • Ensure highest level of security with robust authentication and Role-based Access Control (RBAC)
    • Ensure compliance with data privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA

    EnterpriseTube simplifies and streamlines management of all your digital content stored in disintegrated hardware and software throughout your organization. With interactive, user-friendly interface, incomparable features-set and flexibility of integration, EnterpriseTube drives adoption for digital content and yields exceptional ROI for small and medium enterprises, large corporations and other organizations.

  • Virtual Academy

    Virtual Academy creates a self-paced and real-time virtual classroom and training environment to educate, train and measure training effectiveness. With LMS integration, Virtual Academy simplifies storing, managing and sharing of all your digital learning content with consolidated measurable results in a centralized YouTube-like multilingual portal.

    Virtual Academy works flawlessly on cloud, on-premise or hybrid infrastructure and integrates seamlessly with Learning Management Systems (LMS) and video conferencing systems, which make recorded lectures and training easier to secure, store, manage, edit and share with learners.

    Key Benefits

    • Create courses with all digital learning material such as video, PPT, PDF and more.
    • Assign courses to learners or let them create their own learning path.
    • Let learners create personalized learning asset.
    • Conduct live virtual lecture or training sessions locally and globally without worrying about scalability in bandwidth limitation and delivery.
    • Share handouts as an additional learning material during live and on-demand lecture and training
    • Collect surveys on teachers/trainers during live and on-demand lecture and training
    • Conduct quizzes to evaluate learners during live and on-demand lecture and training
    • Integrate with your LMS to manage content hosted in LMS and view consolidated analytics and reports to evaluate learners and award certification

    Virtual Academy makes learning and training interactive and user-friendly with flexibility of integrations and incomparable features-set that drive adoption from learners and yields exceptional ROI for organizations who invest on training and learners who invest on learning.