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    With the increasing frequency and sophistication of supply chain attacks, it is critical for organizations to adopt a zero trust approach to their security strategy. This panel will bring together experts in endpoint, identity, and network security to discuss best practices for implementing zero trust in supply chain risk management. Panelists will explore the challenges and benefits of a zero trust model, share case studies of successful implementations, and provide practical advice for organizations looking to strengthen their security posture.

AWS Government Cloud Services 

As a AWS public sector distributor, Carahsoft works with a diverse group of AWS certified resellers and managed service providers to deliver a full cloud solution including AWS services, professional services, migration services, and other integration services. Our technology portfolio offers access to a wide range of cloud-based technologies to securely drive cloud modernization.

With our ecosystem of AWS consulting, reseller and manage service provider partners, we offer a wide range of AWS services, including:

  • Data Center Migration  
  • Custom App Development         
  • Digital Marketing             
  • Archiving            
  • Big Data & Analytics               
  • Cloud Strategy  Content Delivery             
  • Database / Lakes / Warehouse  Dev & Test         
  • Disaster Recovery               
  • High Availability
  • HPC       
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Mobile 
  • Security & Compliance  
  • Storage (Backup, Recovery)       
  • Value (TCO / Savings)               
  • Websites & Web Apps  
  • Mainframe        
  • DevOps               
  • Hybrid Cloud

Upcoming Events

Carahsoft February 27, 2024
Carahsoft 1:00 PM ET

VMware on AWS Demos

Hosted By: VMware, AWS & Carahsoft
Carahsoft February 28, 2024
Carahsoft 2:00 PM ET

AWS CPC Boot Camp

Hosted By: AWS & Carahsoft
Carahsoft March 12, 2024
Carahsoft 12:00 PM ET

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