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Streamlined Development and Security with GitLab and AWS

As automation has been increasingly implemented into existing tools and technologies, the market has matured from an understanding of automation to facilitating agile workflows into a more sophisticated vision: developer experience (DX) of that automation should be frictionless. GitLab has had frictionless DX at its core for many years. GitLab Flow encourages developers to create merge requests as their first step before writing any code. This ensures agile transparency, collaboration and value generation take a front seat in the day-to-day culture of development. It facilitates automated environments, surfaces defects, facilitates collaboration and aggregates needed approvals.

GitLab enhances software development efficiency across the entire lifecycle, from conceptualization to deployment on AWS. Its comprehensive DevSecOps platform offers integrated planning, monitoring and reporting tools, seamlessly integrating with AWS to support a wide range of workloads. In this Tech Spotlight, you'll discover:

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  • Many GitLab and AWS integrations
  • Efficient security governance
  • Consistent pipeline execution

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