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Zoom lets you combine voice, meetings, and chat into one simple solution. The Zoom UCaaS platform gives teams the ability to communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere. Zoom is more than video conferencing. Think of crystal-clear call quality. Secure and encrypted cloud communications. Instant messaging and instant collaboration. Simplify your technology stack and unify voice, video, meeting rooms, and chat into one secure solution, UCaaS.


Seamless Experience




Simplified billing




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Zoom One

Zoom One helps you communicate and collaborate seamlessly by combining group chat, calling, whiteboarding, meetings, and more into one solution. We offer six package options: Basic, Pro, Business, Business Plus, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus.


Virtual Meetings

Zoom Meetings bring teams together through face-to-face video interaction, screen sharing, chat, closed captioning, and more. Smart, comprehensive video conferencing capabilities give you the confidence to look and sound your best and help everyone feel included.


Unrivaled usability


Participate from anywhere on any device


Powerful security system for virtual meetings

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Improve collaboration with team chat

Bring your team together and streamline communication with instant messaging integrated into the Zoom platform. Team chat also improves communication during meetings, whiteboards, and emails. Team chat with everything you need and the simplicity your team wants.


Digital Whiteboard

Zoom Whiteboard gives teams a collaborative platform for brainstorming, planning, and learning. The always-on virtual whiteboard interface allows teams to easily generate ideas anywhere before, during, and after meetings using sticky notes, drawing tools, comments, and more.

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Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone offers a comprehensive cloud-based phone solution suitable for businesses of any size, packed with a variety of features. It's easy to deploy and use on your mobile device, desktop computer, or desk phone. It combines traditional PBX features with intelligent call routing, IVR, call recording, shared lines, and more to create a powerful VoIP phone system.


Simple and intuitive VoIP phone system


Scalable and reliable communication


Innovative business phone system


Email & Scheduler

Introducing the Zoom email client and Zoom calendar client. Gather all your important information and schedules in one place. Access Zoom Mail and Zoom Calendar from apps like Teams Chat, Phone, Meetings, and more.

Zoom Scheduler makes it easy to share your availability and schedule appointments with people outside of your organization. It works seamlessly with Zoom Meetings, Zoom Mail, and Calendar, and integrates with Google and Microsoft 365.

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Webinars and Sessions

Built on the secure and reliable Zoom video platform, Zoom Webinars lets you effectively broadcast your message to a wide audience through a simple, user-friendly, and interactive interface. If you want to take your event to the next level, use Zoom Sessions to add advanced branding and production features, built-in marketing and registration pages, and powerful analytics to measure and improve event success.


Zoom Events

Elevate your events with Zoom's dynamic platform. Experience modern, adaptable event solutions that empower you to deliver top-notch, captivating interactions to audiences of any scale and location. Why opt for Zoom in organizing your events? Whether it's a substantial internal announcement or an intimate roundtable discussion, Zoom enables you to facilitate engaging, interactive, and fruitful hybrid and virtual events for both your colleagues and customers.


Drive results


Flexible hybrid and virtual experiences


Unify your company with impactful events

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Zoom recently acquired Workvivo, an innovative employee engagement and communications solution. This platform plays a vital role in reinforcing company culture by introducing novel methods to foster connectivity among team members. In the contemporary work landscape, maintaining a robust and continuous employee engagement strategy is essential. Excitingly, Workvivo will soon be seamlessly accessible directly from the Zoom platform, serving as the digital hub of your organization. Streamline communication and enhance engagement with the premier employee experience platform globally.


AI Companion

Elevate productivity, enhance team effectiveness,, and refine your skills with the Zoom AI Companion. With Zoom's distinctive federated AI approach, you can anticipate top-notch outcomes while composing emails and chat messages, summarizing meetings and chat threads, engaging in creative brainstorming, and more—all within the familiar and user-friendly Zoom interface you appreciate.

Enhance your collaboration, connection, and creativity with intelligent recording processing. Accelerate your understanding of recordings using features like highlights, smart chapters, summaries, and next steps. Benefit from conversation analytics, topic tracking indicators, and playlists for an enriched experience.

Efficiently summarize meetings by generating a concise overview of discussions and next steps. Easily share meeting summaries via email and Team Chat, now with a brief overview at the beginning for quick reference.

Stay informed during meetings by making queries without disrupting the flow. Receive valuable insights and feedback on your presentation skills, improving your engagement with meeting participants.
Provided at no extra charge as part of the paid services in your Zoom user account.

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Contact Center: Omnichannel Contact Center

Zoom Contact Center enables companies to provide swift, precise, and exceptionally tailored customer experiences, fostering loyalty. Transform your customer interaction through smart self-service and routing, integrated communication, and video capabilities for quicker issue resolution.
Deliver a seamless experience for connecting with both customers and colleagues.


Equip agents with a single application for customer engagement and instant access to back-office experts


Enhance responsiveness and break down barriers between your call center and the broader organization


Simplify administration by utilizing one user-friendly portal for both contact center and collaboration tools, reducing costs and complexity

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