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Zoom for Government:
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Zoom for Government adheres to the rules and requirements set by the U.S. federal government. Zoom for Government is dedicated to maintaining network security, which is why it runs on AWS GovCloud, a trusted cloud solution that enables users to efficiently manage apps and data. The platform is powered by U.S. persons and co-located data centers nationwide. Zoom for Government has obtained FedRAMP Moderate, DoD IL4, StateRAMP Moderate, and TX-RAMP Level 2 certifications, along with HIPAA and CJIS attestations. Find Zoom on the FedRAMP Marketplace.

What's the difference between Zoom for Government and commercial Zoom?

Designed to meet stringent federal government regulations, Zoom for Government provides an intuitive and secure experience similar to what commercial Zoom users experience. Both versions of the platform are scalable and flexible, giving today's government agencies everything they need to achieve their goals while helping to protect sensitive information transmitted through the platform. Additionally, the Zoom Government platform leverages AWS GovCloud infrastructure in the United States and data centers located in the United States.

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Zoom’s FedRAMP Environment Authorized at Moderate Level

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