Yansa Labs Services & Products

  • YDS - Yansa Design System

    Build Better Service Portals

    Yansa Design System is the premier development framework for Service Portal.

    More than just a development framework for Service Portal, YDS is a growing wealth of elements, widgets, and applications to help you build better Service Portals faster.

    Are you embarking on a new Service Portal project and need simple, drag-and-drop widgets to add functionality? YDS provides custom-built widgets and recommendations for best-of-breed widgets within the platform and developer community.

    Are you building advanced widgets and web applications on Service Portal? YDS elements empower developers with building blocks for sleek, performant user interfaces.

    Do you need enhanced intelligence and functionality for a particular user experience? YDS provides turnkey web apps like TableSaw to exceed your business needs and dazzle your users.

  • OneSearch

    The only search you'll ever need!

    From the creators of the most loved search applications for ServiceNow comes the latest and most sophisticated search ever available on the ServiceNow platform. OneSearch provides all of the quality you have come to expect from the OneSearch name, plus a plethora of new features to help you:

    • Maximize end user experience & self-service satisfaction
    • Minimize time & cost of ticket resolution
    • Achieve the content, appearance, and functionality you desire
  • TrendSeeker

    The next-best thing to having a clairvoyant on staff!

    TrendSeeker detects, analyzes, and reacts to trends on any table in your ServiceNow instance.

    You define the trend parameters, and let TrendSeeker do the rest - set it and forget it!

    Example uses include:

    • If the Incident quantity for a particular CI is above a 30-day running average, automatically generate a Problem record.
    • If 10 searches are performed within a day on a specific search term, automatically generate a draft KB article to address the apparent need.
    • If high-volume ordering of a particular Service Catalog item is noticed, automatically process a purchase order to procure more of that item.
    • If less-than-expected records are being created by an integration, automatically send an alert notification to the owner of that integration.
  • FileGrabber

    Pull files from a MID Server for attachments, processing, or importing data

    Leverage the ServiceNow® Mid Server to collect files for processing, attaching to records, data retrieval, and import. Take advantage of third party systems that leverage file exports, rich file data that needs to be attached or imported into your ServiceNow instance. Grab files from the MID Servers or FTP servers on a scheduled basis.

  • Barcode & QR Code Generator

    Build content-rich barcodes, QR codes, and labels for display or print right in ServiceNow!

    Barcode & QR Code Generator allows anyone to build beautiful, content-rich barcodes & labels using a simple, point-and-click interface.

    Enterprises use ServiceNow as the source-of-truth for everything from Assets to Users. Barcode & QR Code Generator empowers you to more easily catalog and tag those pieces of data with barcodes, QR codes, and rich-text labels

    Barcode & QR Code Generator dynamically builds labels from content on any ServiceNow table, rendering it on forms & pages, or printing it to a connected device.

    Uses Include:

    • Generate Configuration Item barcodes directly on the form for simple scanning
    • Generate & print asset tags directly from ServiceNow for corporate devices
    • Batch generate asset tags from a filtered list
    • Generate QR Codes linked directly to ServiceNow content
  • Simple Data Separation

    The simplest way to securely segregate your data in ServiceNow

    Simple Data Separation automatically manages separation of table data based upon the Separation Rules you create.

    Simple Data Separation uses techniques more efficient than Access Controls, and provides security without showing the end user a 'Number of rows removed from this list by security constraints' message.

    Uses include:

    • Selectively segregate Inicidents so that only their assignment group can see them
    • Secure sensitive HR, Legal or Finance data so that only the appropriate groups have visibility
    • Segregate data amongst assignment groups while allowing overarching visibility to select groups for oversight & compliance
    • Hide data from end users without alerting them to its presence
  • Postmaster

    Inbound email routing made easy!

    Postmaster provides a simple, point-and-click interface for managing how ServiceNow handles and routes inbound email.

    With Postmaster, you can say goodbye to complicated scripting and empower your administrators to quickly and easily adjust inbound email routing to accommodate your changing business needs.

    Postmaster can analyze any portion of an incoming email to route it to the correct task type and group for action, enriching the task with content according to your configuration. You can even trigger Service Catalog orders via email, automating self-service & freeing your technicians for higher-value efforts.

    Ongoing benefits include:

    • Simplified inbound email maintenance
    • Intelligent routing to tasks to eliminate manual effort
    • Quick reaction to changing business email requirements
    • Decreased costly configuration & scripting errors
  • Okta Orchestrator

    Get more out of your ServiceNow & Okta integration

    Seamlessly manage Okta access, access requests, and attestations from within ServiceNow

    • Okta Orchestrator turbo-charges your Okta/ServiceNow integration:
      • Self-service so users get what they need faster
      • Governance so only the right people have access at the right time
      • Automation so access provisioning is managed accurately and efficiently
      • Reusable components for simple extension to meet your needs
    • Empower users and fulfillers alike with:
      • A rules-based entitlements engine
      • Robust attestation/certification tracking
      • An identity management self-service portal
      • A pre-built service catalog
      • Native reporting
  • Jira Integration Framework

    Powerful JIRA integration framework built on ServiceNow

    The extensibility of the JIRA platform can create challenges when integrating data & process between JIRA and ServiceNow. Yansa’s JIRA Integration solution makes this extensibility an advantage, easily tailoring your integration to match your unique JIRA & ServiceNow implementations.