WINN Solutions Solutions for the Public Sector

WITS accountable item tracking solutions are a suite of receiving and tracking cloud-based solutions that allow you to modernize your barcode tracking processes. No more paper logs or spreadsheets. The WITS software is available in web, desktop, tablet and mobile solutions.

WITS provides complete visibility and control of all incoming and internal packages, mail, records, assets, and items that your organization needs to account for. Either scan the “native” barcode or let WITS create unique barcodes for you. Instant chain-of-custody records are complete with numerous custom fields. All items are tagged with date/time/and who is holding the item. Our software routes the accountable item based on each recipient’s or department’s location. WITS signature capture embeds signatures into the transaction file for ultimate security. Real-time photographs can also be attached to each file, for maximum proof of the item’s status. Integrate your P.O. purchase orders at the time of receiving so purchase orders can be reconciled with the accountable items.

Most of our clients utilize WITS as a cloud-based SaaS software subscription providing the most robust list of features and so you can get up and running quickly without the costs of additional I.T. and professional services. WITS is also easily configurable on-premise if your organization requires. WINN Solutions constantly invests in new WITS versions so that our customers are always ahead of changes in the world of technology and software. WITS version features are based on our clients’ requests and version updates are updated across your enterprise quietly in the background for total business continuity and reliable, constant data recovery.

Winn Solutions also offers Intelligent WITS Lockers – daily use locker drop-off

  • This provides 24/7/365 secure pickup service for your recipients;
  • Saves valuable time and reduces overhead/labor costs;
  • TAN temporary access codes created for both the carrier and for the customer;
  • Dozens of custom sizes, custom finishes, custom footprints and Logo’s available;

WITS Asset management tracking

  • Very versatile and a quick, easy way to maintain asset control;
  • Compliance with proper regulatory procedures for your company’s assets;

WITS E-Mail notification functions

  • Automatically sends e-mail notifications regarding the status of accountable items;
  • Unlimited custom e-mail message content based on each department’s specs;