WalkMe Solutions for the Public Sector

  • DAP - Digital Adoption Platform

    WalkMe is the leading digital adoption platform that transforms the user experience by closing the gap between humans and technology. Using insights, session playbacks, guidance, and automation, WalkMe’s transparent overlay drives customer adoption of mobile and web products to increase retention, reduce support, and drive revenue growth - without taxing high-value development resources. WalkMe combines the innovation of an industry pioneer with the security expected by the enterprise to push the limits of digital adoption through breakthrough algorithms, complex personalization, predictive capabilities, and interactive bots.

  • WalkMe for Employee Experience

    WalkMe drives the digital employee experience by streamlining employee adoption of tools across the HR and sales ecosystem. With WalkMe, realize the true value of your entire HR/Sales digital ecosystem through in-app guidance, engagement and automation tools directly on top of, and across, your HR/sales applications.

  • ​WalkMe for Digital Customer Experience

    WalkMe’s digital adoption platform transforms the customer experience by closing the gap between technology and human capability. Using insights, guidance, and automation, WalkMe’s transparent overlay drives personalized engagement on websites & user accounts to improve customer satisfaction, enable self-service support, and drive brand loyalty.

  • Empower Remote Employees and Service Agents

    WalkMe empowers public sector CIOs to build responsive, remote workforces prepared to manage change now - and build continuity plans to weather change in the future.

  • Develop Digital Services/Improve Self-Service

    WalkMe streamlines user experiences across complex and outdated public web properties, enabling agencies to service the needs of the public, and creating web and mobile experiences that reduces support.

  • Manage Risk and Prioritize Change Management

    WalkMe allows CIOs to manage public risk and build more agile, flexible systems responsive to changes in the market.

  • Transform Legacy Systems

    WalkMe expedites digital transformation in the public sector, improving the user experience within legacy systems and websites, and simplifying migrations to best-in-class solutions.

  • Streamlining Software Usage

    WalkMe provides powerful insights so IT leaders can understand software usage, and identify duplicate or ineffective systems. CIOs can build powerful technology stacks used by multiple agencies, allowing both central and agency departments to reduce costs and maximize resources.