VM2020 Solutions for the Public Sector

CyberVR is a software platform that makes full-scale, extremely realistic, and continuous cybersecurity and DevOps testing possible without affecting production systems, a first in technology risk mitigation.

CyberVR creates fully functional copies of production systems in mere minutes without the need for additional infrastructure. These thin digital twins are automatically instrumented and made easily accessible for interactive manipulation by multi-disciplinary teams to optimize workflows, validate change management procedures, and collect evidence of cybersecurity capabilities or weaknesses.

With CyberVR you can

  • Prove application resilience under destructive cyber attack scenarios
  • Test and validate risk containment procedures in a realistic sandbox
  • Shorten cyber vulnerability detection and remediation times
  • Remediate cybersecurity findings without fear of system downtime
  • Reduce patch testing and application validation time to just hours
  • Recover from severe attacks while retaining key evidence for insurance/governance
  • Mitigate risks created by frequent DevOps software releases