Virsec Webinars

Supply Chain Protection and the Modern Threat Environment for Public Sector

During this webinar, attendees learned about:

  • An In-depth analysis of the attack and how to detect it in your system

  • An End-to-end demo of an RCE attack
  • How to stop a remote code execution attack
  • Best practices to protect your organization’s workloads in runtime
  • How to leverage technology that defends against supply chain attacks


Ransomware Protection for the Public Sector

During this webinar, attendees learned: 

  • How to defend server workloads differently than endpoints
  • How to protect the full application stack at the memory, host, and web layers 
  • About evolving attack tactics
  • How to deploy three tiers of defense: web defense capabilities, compiled code defense capabilities, and host defense capabilities


The Need for Runtime Security to Achieve NIST 800-53 Compliance

During this webinar, attendees learned: 

  • A broader view of compliance to address advanced threats
  • The importance of runtime protection to stop advanced cyberattacks
  • The need for deep application awareness and supporting security controls
  • Critical NIST 800-53 controls that support runtime application protection
  • New controls in R5 that specify Runtime Application Protection