Verge Technologies Inc Solutions for the Public Sector

  • ​SentientDB
    • SentientDB eliminates database outages or the requirements for maintenance windows.
    • SentientDB is the first and only product that provides “convergent cloud management” (managing many clouds as one) for all databases within an enterprise’s data landscape.
    • SentientDB has a self-discovery tool that automatically locates all databases in the environment.
    • SentientDB performs tasks on DBs on either an individual, clustered, or global scale.
    • It will monitor & automatically manage your DBs, using a configurable policy engine, to ensure your databases are always available for the applications, corporate, and customer communities.
    • SentientDB is cloud and infrastructure agnostic enabling optimized performance and mobility across all cloud providers and infrastructure environments.
  • ​SenData


    • An S3®-compatible interface to Filecoin.®
    • We provide access to the world's most secure, comprehensive, and cost-effective storage ecosystem.
    • Manage and maintain data across multiple centralized Cloud (traditional) and Decentralized Cloud (Filecoin) platforms.
    • Rely on a full S3-compatible storage solution over Filecoin, including maintaining policies and the management of indexes and metadata.
    • Retain existing S3 data storage integration while using Filecoin.
    • Add layers of warm (Tier 2) or hot (Tier 0/1) to data that is being moved to Filecoin seamlessly while obfuscating or encrypting data directly as part of the migration process