VMware vSphere Optimization Assessment

VMware’s vRealize Operations is a powerful monitoring tool which delivers actionable intelligence about events or issues happening inside any virtual environment. It can also help you identify and reduce wasted resources while providing the capability to plan for new IT projects.

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What is the VOA and Why is it Great for Service Providers?

Learn how a vSphere Optimization Assessment (VOA) can help you generate new revenue streams with vRealize Operations and maximize profitability by reducing costs and optimizing the efficiency of your IT infrastructure.

Benefits include:

  • Health alerts about existing issues inside the virtual environment, as well as risk alerts for potential anomalies that might become problems down the road
  • Optimization suggestions to right size the environment and reduce waste and reclaim resources
  • The ability to plan for capacity with the project tool, where you can simulate adding workloads, as well as new capacity when planning new IT projects

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