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As Samsung evolved as a mobile device manufacturer, they saw increasing needs from enterprises who wanted to get the most out of mobile devices at work. They wanted a secure, highly productive mobile experience that also met the needs of their employees to separate work from personal use, even on private devices (BYOD continues to be huge). Samsung has committed themselves to serving the mobility needs of enterprises and their employees worldwide.

Samsung has a unique solution to this problem. They built security from the hardware all the way up to the application level, significantly investing to enhance Android security where they needed more for their users.


Samsung KNOX Workspace – KNOX Workspace is a manageable on-device mobile security solution. Separate enterprise and personal data with enhanced technology secure enough to run on government grade networks. KNOX Workspace is secured from the boot up. Only the KNOX-hardened Android platform protects your infrastructure with multi-level, hardware to application security via Trusted Boot and ARM TrustZone- based Integrity Measurement Architecture (TIMA) to keep your business intelligence and network safe from hacking, viruses and unauthorized access. Learn More: https://www.samsungknox.com/en/products/knox-workspace.