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Red Hat's enterprise open source technologies are the catalyst in communities seeking to transform education and government the open source way.

SLG Products & Solutions

Red Hat open source solutions provide the security and performance that state and local government agencies require, while offering more value than proprietary solutions and greater flexibility to evolve with technical and mission requirements.

EDU Products & Solutions

Red Hat's products and services help education institutions, from K-12 to top research universities, maintain security, governance, and effective delivery while cost-effectively simplifying IT.

Get Involved

Check out Red Hat’s list of upcoming events to network, view product demos,
and speak with onsite experts!

Upcoming Events

Albany Business Analysis Development Day

Albany, NY
October 5, 2020

The Albany IIBA Chapter is hosting a professional development day for business analysts to expand their skill set, learn about the latest industry trends, and network with colleagues.

Merit Member Conference 2020

Dearborn, MI
October 29-30, 2020

Network with Red Hat and Carahsoft at Merit's annual conference bringing together over 550 attendees from Merit's membership of nonprofits, K-12 and higher education organizations, libraries and government bodies.




Email to request a Red Hat workshop in your area!


Learn More

Speak with a local representative, request a quote, and learn more about what Red Hat solutions can do for you!

Quilt Program Pricing

Red Hat is now on The Quilt Contract

The Quilt is the non-profit national coalition of 38 of our country's most advanced regional research and education. Participants in The Quilt provide advanced network services and applications to over 400 universities and thousands of other educational institutions, state and local government agencies, healthcare, non-profits, and libraries.

Based on The Quilt participants' combined experiences in operations and development of leading-edge technologies, The Quilt aims to influence the national agenda on information technology infrastructure, with particular emphasis on networking for research and education. Through this coalition, The Quilt promotes delivery of networking services at lower cost, higher performance and greater reliability and security.

The Quilt Participants

Academic: Those agencies and institutions having a relationship in a customer or member capacity with one or more of the 38 regional optical networks found at the Quilt Participants.

State and local Governments: Those agencies and institutions having a relationship in a customer or member capacity with one or more of the 38 participating regional optical networks.

Healthcare: Those institutions wholly owned or subsidiaries of a participating institution considered to be a customer or a member of one or more of the 38 regional optical networks within the Quilt community.

Non-Profit Customers: Those agencies and institutions having a relationship in a customer or member capacity with one or more of the 38 participating regional optical networks within the Quilt community. Libraries may also be wholly owned or subsidiaries of a participating institution to qualify.

Red Hat Training

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Contact Information

11493 Sunset Hills Road
Suite 100
Reston, Virginia 20190

Main: 703-871-8570
Toll Free: (877) RHAT-GOV
Fax: 703-871-8505


Explore these resources to discover how Red Hat can help you build, deliver, and support stable, secure enterprise solutions.

Case Studies

NASA, GSA, and East Carolina University Utilize Red Hat to Bridge the IT Skills Gap

From container security to application development, Red Hat’s enterprise open source partnerships are helping to fill the IT talent shortage with an immersive education.

Click here to view the resource.

Leading Educational Publisher Halves Time to Market for New Applications

To succeed in an increasingly competitive market, educational publishing company Scholastic decided to adopt a more flexible microservices-based development approach to offer new products and services faster.

Click here to view the resource.

University of Alabama at Birmingham Expands Research Storage with Red Hat

Researchers at University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) struggled to complete data-intensive work due to limited storage availability. To reduce data storage costs and improve capacity and performance, the university's IT department deployed Red Hat® Ceph Storage running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Click here to view the resource.

Penn State Enhances Research Computing with Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure

Penn State’s computing infrastructure needs to be responsive and flexible enough to meet a wide variety of changing researcher requirements. The university upgraded and expanded their Red Hat implementation to include Red Hat CloudForms, Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, and Red Hat Satellite for better performance.

Click here to view the resource.

Massachusetts Open Cloud Supports Big Data Analytics with Open Source Storage

Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC), a nonprofit initiative of universities, government organizations, and businesses, needed reliable, cost-effective storage to support its public and private clouds. With Red Hat, MOC deployed a scalable, high-performance storage platform as the foundation for collaboration, innovative research, and big data analytics.

Click here to view the resource.

HCA Healthcare Saves Lives with Early Sepsis Detection Platform

A team of clinicians, data scientists, and technology professionals at HCA Healthcare used Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and Red Hat Ansible Tower to create a real-time predictive analytics product, SPOT (Sepsis Prediction and Optimization of Therapy).

Click here to view the resource.

3 Challenges Facing Education IT Leaders and How to Solve Them

Scalability, security, and storage – all challenges for today’s education IT leaders. Hear from Cornell University and other academic institutions on how Red Hat’s industry leading enterprise open source technology helped overcome these roadblocks.

Click here to view the resource.

The Quilt: Powering IT Procurement for School Systems

Join Quilt CEO, Jen Leasure, for a conversation on the consortium bringing state of the art technology to our school systems. Hear insights on the education IT landscape and the role that Red Hat’s industry-leading enterprise open source technologies can play towards supporting your online learning and research initiatives.

Click here to view the resource.

Storage Solutions Enable Education IT Modernization

The public sector continues to struggle with data storage and security. Having the right storage solution can be the key to app modernization efforts and moving on from legacy systems. Learn how Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi leveraged Red Hat solutions to secure and share their data during a crisis situation.

Click here to view the resource.


Red Hat Quilt Infographic

Members of the research and education networks on The Quilt's National Consortium Contract now have access to Red Hat's full portfolio of enterprise open source technologies!

Click here to view the resource.

Red Hat Academy Infographic

Red Hat Academy turns academic institutions into centers for enterprise-ready talent by outfitting them with Red Hat Training. This infographic is designed explain the RHA program and its benefits to prospective educational institutions.

Click here to view the resource.

Red Hat Learning Subscription Infographic

To succeed with software, organizations need a knowledgeable team—and a learning solution that is quick, effective, and prescriptive. Red Hat® Learning Subscription, offered by Red Hat Training, provides easy, on-demand access to quickly learn Red Hat technologies. Learn how in this infographic.

Click here to view the resource.

Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Infographic

Government agencies are making the switch to Hybrid Cloud, a combination of private and public cloud environments. Shift gears with Red Hat OpenShift and migrate to Hybrid Cloud for security, scalability, and portability.

Click here to view the resource.

The Business Value of Red Hat Ansible

Red Hat customers are realizing significant value by leveraging the Ansible Automation platform to improve their IT infrastructure management operations and time to market.

Click here to view the resource.

Red Hat Automation Infographic

Red Hat Ansible is a powerful, open source platform for building automation across your agency, compatible with products and solutions from multiple vendors. Download the infographic here!

Click here to view the resource.


Preparing Students for an Open Source World

Red Hat Academy gives East Carolina University students real-world experience with the latest technologies.

Click here to view the resource.

Red Hat Academy Success in North America

Learn from North American Red Hat Academy instructors how the Red Hat Academy has been so impactful to their IT programs and students.

Click here to view the resource.


Red Hat Academy Brochure

The Red Hat Academy curriculum involves hands-on instruction across platform, middleware, and cloud technologies. Rather than learning theoretical skills, students learn practical skills based on use cases from thousands of enterprise implementations. Read the brochure to learn more about Red Hat Academy.

Click here to view the resource.

Balance IT Innovation and Costs for State and Local Government

Government organizations in all 50 states use Red Hat software to build, update, secure, and manage applications. In this brochure, learn about cost-effective, yet high-performance, IT and computing capabilities for government, backed by robust security and support services.

Click here to view the resource.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Site Subscription for Academics

Red Hat academic offerings help educational institutions build out their IT infrastructure while avoiding vendor-lock in, reducing costs, and creating scalable and sustainable IT environments. Whether in an administrative, educational, or research-oriented capacity, Red Hat provides software products and services to educational institutions interested in using commercially supported open source technologies.

Click here to view the resource.

Open Source for Higher Education from Red Hat

Campuses have diverse IT needs, including high-performance computing, scalable data storage, mobile services, and access to hands-on instruction and certifications in modern app development and management—all of which must be balanced keeping costs low. Red Hat® subscription-based open source solutions provide IT services to colleges and universities quickly and cost-effectively. Red Hat product subscriptions include enterprise-grade security and support to protect critical, sensitive systems and data.

Click here to view the resource.


Tech Trends Taking Root in State and Local Governments

Hot-button issues are under consideration today in state and local governments. How will the public sector use and protect the sensitive data of its constituents? How will law enforcement agencies repair trust with their communities? How will tax dollars go back into the public good? All of this is on the table, but to improve your community, you have to understand the process of how services are delivered. In this guide, we’ll review how state and local governments are executing decisions that dictate the future of communications, cloud technologies, cybersecurity and the workforce.

Click here to view this resource.