ExtraHop Work From Home Solutions

ExtraHop is built to meet the security and performance needs of the hybrid enterprise, from Core to Edge to Cloud. Our platform transforms the network into the most comprehensive, objective source of security and IT visibility while providing the rich data set – wire data – that keeps our machine learning focused and reliable. Whether it’s by automating real-time threat detection in the east-west corridor, ensuring application service delivery, or modernizing architectures with hybrid cloud, ExtraHop turns the scope, speed, and scale of the network into the engine of modern digital business for customers including Sony, Microsoft, Adobe, and DIRECTV.

Remote Work Strategies

Many organizations have been transitioning to a partially remote workforce for years, but the rapid spread of the pandemic COVID-19 has forced a shift to remote access on a massive scale. IT and security teams must now ensure that critical systems remain available under unprecedented demand, as well as defend those same systems against hackers ready to prey on a huge increase in unsecured devices. There's no single solution, but there are ways to ease the burden. By prioritizing collaboration, visibility, and automated investigation and response, you can reduce friction between teams and stabilize your footing in this new reality.

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