AppBus Solutions for the Public Sector

Application eXtension Platform (AXP)

AXP includes the ability to design, model and run automations and guided business processes/workflows. AXP provides the following components:

  • Studio - Desktop application to design and build automation for AXP Workers to execute. Interactive Development Environment for building both automations delivered through APIs and Workflows that consume the created APIs.
  • Manager - SaaS based portal for configuring the deployed APIs driven by automations inclusive of the runtime for certain Digital Workers.
  • AXP Worker Environment - Environment in which AXP Workers can execute. Hosts the Manager and allows the Studio to Publish projects.

AXP Worker Deployment types are:

  • AppBus Hosted - workers that are hosted within AppBus's managed cloud based AXP Worker Environment.
  • Self-Hosted - workers that have been downloaded from the AppBus Manager and deployed in a customer managed AXP Worker Environment.