Adobe Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Adobe Acrobat

    Adobe Acrobat DC logo

    Acrobat DC with Document Cloud Services

    Cut costs and paperwork, streamline permit processes, and support self-service for citizens with the all-new Acrobat DC.

    Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is Adobe's premier PDF creation and editing software. In addition to the desktop application, each user of Acrobat DC gets access to the Document Cloud, which encompasses cloud storage, PDF edits in the browser, as well as numerous mobile apps, for a consistent and productive experience across devices.

    With Acrobat Pro DC organizations can:

    • Edit PDFs, from the desktop, in the browser, or on mobile devices
    • Easily convert paper documents to searchable and editable PDFs
    • Comment and markup PDFs, and easily share those changes with their team
    • Redact PDFs, as well as automatically remove sensitive metadata that may be otherwise overlooked
    • Remediate PDFs for accessibility and Section 508 compliance
  • Adobe Captivate

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    Adobe Captivate

    With the new Captivate 11, Conquer the challenges of getting started with eLearning, and creating good-looking courses quickly. Design beautiful eLearning content in minutes with the all-new ready-to-go slides and liven up training with a multitude of different built-in interactive content.

    • Create Immersive learning with VR experiences using your own media or from the Asset Library
    • Manage multi-module eLearning courses with ready to go branching slides
    • Migrate existing PowerPoint presentations into Captivate to add interactive elements
    • Expand your outreach to a wider audience with accessibility support
    • Publish directly to Adobe Captivate Prime with a single click
    • Generate software simulations with multiple learning modes capturing all on screen actions
  • Adobe ColdFusion

    Adobe ColdFusion logo

    Adobe ColdFusion

    Adobe ColdFusion 2018 is a tried and tested application server that simplifies complex coding tasks. Rely on the most secure development platform to bullet-proof your applications using trusted tools and proven techniques for scalable, high-performing web and mobile applications.

    Some key features:

    • Enterprise applications. Ef­fortless development. Slash coding time and effort while developing web and mobile applications that are robust and scalable. Be more productive with significant improvements to your favorite programming language, CFML.
    • Deep insights. Dramatic results. Control and optimize with the all-new, powerful Performance Monitoring Toolkit — a standalone server with low overhead. Use end-to-end visibility into your applications, to monitor and troubleshoot server, database, and network issues before they affect customers — in minutes.
    • Extend services. Embrace new customers. Widen your outreach by unlocking the power of APIs. Build a more successful, cost-effective API program by managing, securing, and transforming APIs across their lifecycle. Obtain a better understanding of how your APIs are being used with a user-friendly dashboard.
    • API Version and Lifecycle Management. Manage APIs across their lifecycle, from draft to publish to deprecate and retire. Upgrade APIs without worrying about backward compatibility by managing multiple versions using a single platform. Tweak the API settings without affecting the production server by configuring a test server.

    Top new features of Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise Edition (2018 Release) include:

    • Multitenancy support
    • Policy management
    • Threat protection
    • Asynchronous programming
    • Language enhancements
    • REST playground
    • Modern admin UI
    • Full CFSCRIPT support
    • HTML to PDF conversion
    • CLI and Read-Eval-Print Loop
    • Web services support
    • PDF manipulation with Document Description XML
    • Auto lockdown
    • Security enhancements
    • Security code analyzer
    • Server visibility

    Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2018 release). A robust IDE for web and mobile application development. Build with a lightweight, quick-loading IDE that complements Adobe ColdFusion. Finish faster with tools that help you develop, test, debug, and deploy applications. Automatically detect vulnerabilities in your code. Identify bottlenecks with reports from the Performance Monitoring Toolset.

    Adobe ColdFusion Standard (2018 release). Perfect for developing rich, interactive applications. Use built-in functionalities to simplify the generation and manipulation of PDFs, and the creation of REST services. Bullet-proof applications with the most secure platform on the planet.

    Adobe ColdFusion on Amazon Web Services. An affordable way to access the powerful features of Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise Edition. Build high-performing, enterprise-ready applications that scale dynamically to meet your business needs. Easily create interactive web applications leveraging unique built-in HTML5 support. Make your websites more secure with formidable security standards.

    Additional Resources:

    Solution Partners

    • FusionReactor: Java and Adobe ColdFusion Application Performance Monitor for development and production.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud

    Adobe Creative Cloud logoCreative collaboration. Customized deployment. Give your agency’s creative teams the industry-leading apps they want — and get the secure, customizable deployments your IT team requires.

    Adobe® Creative Cloud™Photoshop

    Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard software for editing, compositing, and creating beautiful images, graphics, and art on a desktop or iPad. Photoshop allows users to color correct, filter, edit, and build entirely new photograph projects which can be exported in a number of different formats.

    • Unprecedented editing tools that exceed industry standard requirements.
    • Adobe Sensei (AI) tool integration for content aware filling, filters, and background replacement.
    • Customizable interface for multiple types of editing work.
    • 3D content compatibility.
    • Professional level retouching options and workflows.


    Adobe Illustrator allows users to create beautiful vector art and illustrations using desktop and iPad. Illustrator focuses entirely on anchor points and pathing to create vector designs; which are infinitely scalable. This makes this software excellent for business logos, advertisements, creative work, banners, and more.

    • Universally celebrated pen tool that allows clean lines and curves to keep designing simple.
    • Pathfinding tools that allow you easily combine and cut out shapes and closed paths.
    • Extensive filter options for converting image files to vector style artwork.
    • Customize any design at any time, modify any anchor point or path freely to create the perfect product.

    Adobe InDesign

    Adobe InDesign is a multipage editing tool for designing and publishing elegant print and digital layouts. This application allows users to prioritize design decisions across projects to create the perfect final document.

    • Use Font and Paragraph style options to instantly apply presets to extensive blocks of text in seconds.
    • The Pages tool allows users to modify and control their entire document no matter it’s size.
    • InDesign’s accessibility tools allow for creators to ensure their documents are appropriately constructed for assistive technology such as screen readers.
    • Use InDesign’s interactive PDF build options to create fully interactable documents for digital distribution.
    • Enjoy InDesign’s industry leading print and color options for physical document ease of distribution.

    Premiere Pro

    Adobe’s industry-standard professional video and film editing tool. Premiere Pro allows users to edit, color grade, adjust audio, and output any type of film project imaginable.

    • Premiere Pro allows users to clip and modify video files in a non-destructive manner, so there is no risk of losing work or content.
    • Extensive effects and color grading options for take your clips from amateur to professional.
    • Utilize keyframes to apply animations and effects to clips and objects on your stage.
    • Updated captioning tools allow you to add caption tracks or type closed captions project wide in a simple and straightforward way.
    • Use Media Encoder’s integration with Premiere to output multiple formats of any video project without locking down Premiere Pro during the process.

    After Effects

    Adobe After Effects allows users to add cinematic visual effects and motion graphics to your video projects. After Effects allows creators to take preliminary video projects to the next level visually by injecting incredible effect renders, and full 3D effect control across your work.

    • Animate titles, credits, and lower thirds. Start entirely from scratch or with presets available right in the application.
    • Set any item in motion using keyframes or expressions.
    • Change a scene’s setting, add a moving object, or make selective color adjustments.
    • Use compositions to dynamically link between Premiere Pro and your project.
    • Import content directly from Photoshop, Illustrator, and more.


    Adobe Lightroom let’s creative users import and control their image libraries with full access to files and meta data. Using this app allows teams to easily access, tag, export, and adjust suites of photos quickly and easily.

    • Easy to use tools that let you brighten photos, bump up colors, and mask distracting elements.
    • Use filters and create images that pop with presets for vintage, travel, and more.
    • Advanced portrait presets for every kind of photography subject.
    • Lightroom allows you to sync and access content on any device both mobile and desktop.
    • Use intelligent search to manage your photos.

    Premiere Rush

    Adobe Premiere Rush is an entry level video editing application with a focus on simple creation and sharing capabilities. This application allows you to create professional looking videos with minimal effort, from any device.

    • Create video content using iOS, android, tablet, or desktop devices.
    • Tailor your transitions to match your vision.
    • Fully customize text and titles for the perfect color, look, and animation.
    • Add and adjust audio tracks to your project, including preset backing tracks.
    • Change video clip speed with a simple and straightforward tool to adjust timing or visual effect.
    • Sync your projects directly for further work in Premiere Pro.

    Adobe Experience Design (XD)

    Adobe XD allows teams to design, prototype, and share use experiences for web, mobile, voice, and more. Adobe XD allows teams to create intricate and customized app and webpage experiences for users to interface with; including fully functional prototypes of projects.

    • Seamless integration of assets between major creative cloud apps such as photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and more.
    • Use simple drag and drop functions for all types of content to quickly fill out menus, buttons, and interactable features.
    • Use XD’s project wide search and edit feature to change content across your entire workspace with a single click.
    • Bring your entire team in to edit and customize your project at the same time. True collaboration.
    • Enjoy testing your experiences with live prototypes including animations and voice controls on both desktop and on local devices.

    Adobe Animate

    Adobe Animate is an application that allows users to create animated content for any platform, device, or style. Using this application allows you to animate just about any type of content for video projects or even interactable games.

    • Create interactive web and mobile content for games and ads using powerful animation tools.
    • Animate allows you to do your asset design and coding directly in the app.
    • Use Adobe Fresco live brushes to blend and create characters that can blink, talk, and walk with simple keyframe animation.
    • Publish to any platform on desktop, mobile, or TV using extensive export options including HTML5, WebGL, Flash/Adobe AIR, and custom SVG.

    Adobe DreamWeaver

    Adobe Dreamweaver is a resource-oriented application made to design and develop modern, responsive websites. This application allows users to code freely as well as employ a number of built in assistive options for constructing website code.

    • Create, code, and manage dynamic websites easily with a smart, simplified coding engine.
    • Use code hints to quickly learn and edit HTML, CSS, and other web standards.
    • Bring your sites online faster with starter templates that you can customize to build HTML emails, About pages, blogs, newsletters and more.
    • Quickly integrate assets from your Creative Cloud libraries and Adobe Stock to enhance your sites.

    Adobe Audition

    Adobe Audition is a comprehensive toolset that includes multitrack, waveform, and spectral display for creating, mixing, editing, and restoring audio content. This powerful audio workstation is designed to accelerate video production workflows and audio finishing to deliver a polished mix with pristine sound.

    • Use the industries best audio cleanup, restoration, and precision editing tool for video, podcasting, and sound effect design.
    • Get started audio recording and editing with seamless integration with Premiere Pro.
    • Use the essential sounds panel to achieve professional-quality audio.
    • Easily and automatically rearrange any song to fit any duration with Remix.
    • Repair and restore audio using the spectral frequency display and the diagnostics panel.
  • Adobe Experience Cloud

    Adobe Experience Cloud logo

    Adobe Experience Cloud

    Adobe Experience Cloud is a collection of applications and services built on the first platform specifically designed for unmatched customer experiences, giving you the most comprehensive tools for insights, content, engagement, and more.

    Content & commerce
    Content at scale and personalized commerce

    • Adobe Experience Manager - Simplify digital asset management with the power of a content management system to get personalized, content-led experiences into market faster.
    • Adobe Commerce - Create engaging shopping moments that integrate both digital and physical experiences, with a leading commerce solution for merchants and brands.

    Data insights & audiences
    Real-time insights, audiences, and activation

    • Adobe Analytics - Only Adobe lets you mix, match, and analyze data from anywhere in the customer journey to surface insights with predictive intelligence.
    • Adobe Customer Journey Analytics - A single interface where you can track, analyze, and visualize every action in context of the customer journey, to provide more context for decisions.
    • Adobe Real-Time CDP - Collect, normalize, and unify all data into robust real-time profiles that let B2B an B2C marketers deliver personalized experiences.
    • Adobe Audience Manager - Create and activate the best audiences on any channel or device with our best-in-class data management solution.

    Customer Journeys
    Experiences that adapt to customers in real time

    • Adobe Target - A complete optimization engine with AI-powered testing, personalization, and automation at scale.
    • Adobe Campaign - Use rich customer data to create, coordinate, and deliver dynamic campaigns that connect with customers across email, mobile, and offline channels.
    • Adobe Journey Optimizer - Manage and optimize scheduled omnichannel campaigns and one-to-one moments for millions of customers from a single application.
    • Adobe Market - Engage Automate your demand engine with end-to-end engagement across every stage of the customer journey.

    Marketing workflow
    One place for managing all of your work-streams

    • Adobe Workfront - Connect, collaborate, and execute complex workflows and projects with a leading work management system built for enterprise.
  • Adobe Presenter

    Adobe Presenter logo

    Adobe Presenter

    Adobe Presenter software lets you take advantage of flipped learning. Turn your PowerPoint courses into HD videos, enrich with assets and quizzes, and publish to desktops and tablets as HTML5. Enable video analytics for early identification of learners who need help. Track learner performance with leading LMSs.

    Why Adobe Presenter?

    Create video lectures in three easy steps - Quickly create studio quality video lectures by capturing your screen content along with your audio or video, right from your desktop. Use a simple 3-button interface to easily edit and publish your videos.

    Transform slides into interactive eLearning - Convert your PowerPoint slides to engaging eLearning content. Add quizzes and out-of-the-box assets, and publish as HTML5 for access using desktop and mobile browsers. Track learner performance using leading LMSs.

    Use analytics for learner intervention - Use built-in analytics to track content consumption and identify learners who need course correction. Track learner performance, and report key performance metrics without having to invest in an LMS.