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Adobe 21st Century IDEA

The 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA)—a bill that has been in effect since December 20, 2018—has helped to springboard digital transformation throughout the federal government in efforts to prioritize the citizen experience through website modernization, improved accessibility, and adoption of digital forms and electronic signatures.

Since then, on September 22, 2023, the White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released a new guidance memo for Federal agencies to get busy implementing the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience (IDEA) Act in efforts to design and deliver “digital-first public experiences” through improved websites and digital services.

The 21st Century IDEA requirements include:

  • Establishing consistent and secure websites that are 508 compliant and accessible across devices
  • Offering mobile-friendly, digital options for all paper-based forms
  • Adopting the use of electronic signatures
  • Prioritizing the customer experience journey with a focus on personalization of content
  • Modernizing internal digital services for government employees

Adobe’s Digital Experience Solutions aid government organizations in meeting the 21st Century IDEA requirements.

  • Electronic Signature (E-Signature) Offering, Adobe Acrobat Sign
    Allows agencies to transform paper processes, making 100% digital workflows a reality with trusted, efficient, cost-effective, and legal e-signatures.
  • Digital Forms Offering, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Forms
    Enables agencies to provide exceptional experiences with digital enrollment through mobile-friendly, personalized, scalable authoring digital forms.
  • Citizen Experience Offering, Adobe Experience Cloud
    Provides agencies with the most comprehensive set of applications, capabilities, and services specifically designed to deliver personalized customer experiences at scale.
  • Website Moderation Offering, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Sites & Assets
    Empowers agencies to create, manage, and optimize online website experiences with responsive designs and AI-powered scalability for high-impact personalized experiences.

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