Adobe Learning Manager: Digital Learning Solutions for Public Sector

An award-winning LMS that delivers personalized learning to customers and employees alike.

A modern Learning Management System (LMS) that allows you to train employees, partners, and customers effectively and easily. Deliver an enjoyable learning experience and reduce skill gap to manage a learner ecosystem that is engaged, compliant, and updated.

Experience a world-class enterprise LMS from Adobe that is:

  • FedRAMP Authorized (Tailored and Moderate)
  • Recognized by leading analysts and industry bodies
  • Awarded for excellence across multiple categories
  • Adopted by leading corporations around the world
  • Used by millions of engaged learners


Adobe Learning Manager Use-Cases

  • Employee Skill Development

    Keep your organization at the top of its game by continuously reducing employee skill gaps. Align skills to mission objectives and assign skill-based learning plans to employee cohorts. Drive engagement through certifications and award gamification points and badges for positive reinforcement. Managers can take pre-emptive decisions using data from the skill and compliance report dashboards.

  • Onboarding

    Train your newest hires from anywhere with new content that can be delivered on any browser or any device. Deliver training at the point of need to maximize productivity. Allow learners to share their findings with peers in the form of web-based or user-generated content posted on topic-based discussion boards.

  • Compliance Training

    Struggling to implement and track compliance training across your organization? You need a LMS that is easy to set up and intuitive to your workforce with features that allowing you to maintain compliance and stay audit-ready with robust and easy-to-use reporting suites.

  • Citizen Engagement and Education

    Educate your customers and drive engagement with Adobe Learning Manager. Easily enable public-facing trainings that keep customers up-to-date and in-the-know. Take advantage of social learning to allow communities to share and learn from each other.

  • Franchisee and Store Training

    Effective training ensures that frontline employees are up-to-speed on the latest policies, procedures, and best practices mandated by the corporate training development team. Adobe Learning Manager gives brands top-down approach to franchisee and store training that is managed by HR and driven by store managers.

  • Sales Enablement

    Arming your salesforce with the tools and information they need to make sales is a constant battle. Adobe Learning Manager allows to build a sales and partner enablement learning enablement platform embedded directly in your organization’s sales portal or CRM.

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