Adobe Connect Video Tutorials

Adobe Connect 11: What's New - User Experience
Check out the new Adobe Connect 11 interface and user experience

Adobe Connect 11: What's New - Accessibility Improvements
Learn about the new accessibility improvements available in Adobe Connect 11, including, subtitles, audio tracks, and voiceover features

Adobe Connect 11: What's New - Enhanced Host Controls
Check out the enhanced Host controls available in Adobe Connect 11, including, customizable breakout rooms, layout management, and room preferences

Adobe Connect Workshops
Check out our YouTube channel for quick how-to videos

Record a Session
Learn how to record an Adobe Connect session

Attendee List Pod
Get familiar with the attendee list pod in Adobe Connect

Adding a User
Learn how to add a user in Connect

Create Your First Meeting
Get started with your first Adobe Connect meeting

Optimizing Room Bandwidth
Learn the best practices to optimize your Connect room's bandwidth

Changing the Background of a Connect Room
Make your Adobe Connect Room more personalized with a custom background.

Add Custom Pods to Your Connect Room
Learn how to make your room more engaging and interactive with Custom Pods

Adding or Changing an Administrator
See how to add, remove or change the administrator status of a user

Creating a Meeting Room Template
Turn your customized meeting rooms into templates that you can use for future meetings

Draw/Annotate in the Share Pod
Utilize the drawing tools to pause and annotate over screen-share in your connect sessions

The Chat Pod
Instant message and public conversation with the chat pod

The Notes Pod
List out agendas and key action items on a simple notepad

The Poll Pod
Poll your participants to keep them engaged in your connect rooms