Tungsten Automation: Streamlining processes for public sector innovation

Tungsten Automation, formerly known as Kofax, stands as a global authority in intelligent workflow automation solutions, boasting a distinguished 40-year legacy. With a dedicated workforce of 2,200 employees across 32 countries, we serve over 25,000 customers worldwide, including significant partnerships within the public sector in the USA. Our expertise in catering to government agencies ensures compliance with stringent regulatory standards and the unique needs of public entities. This commitment to innovation and customer success has garnered industry recognition, including prestigious accolades such as being named a Leader in Intelligent Automation (IA) and Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) by Everest Group, and in Process Orchestration by Forrester. Trusted by businesses and government bodies alike, Tungsten Automation is committed to delivering unprecedented efficiencies and cost reductions through advanced workflow automations that propel organizations into the future.

Process Transparency and Efficiency

Automate the input of information to multiple processes and enable cross-departmental collaboration.

Efficient High-Quality Service to Constituents

Make high quality data available and accelerate commu­nication and service delivery to constituents and businesses.

Cost Reduction and Process Acceleration

Provides automated, capture enabled processing of docu­ments, eliminating manual data entry and search, paper storage, and shipping.

Regulatory Compliance

Trace and audit the acquisition of data from the point of entry, across each touch point, to final archive.

Key Benefits:

  • Fast adoption of regulatory requirements
  • Improved process transparency and efficiency
  • Cost reduction and process acceleration
  • Efficient high-quality service to constituents

Primary Applications:

  • Customer Service
    Improve service quality and efficiency for constituents. Handle inquiries and applications faster and com­municate in a customer-centric way while reducing workload and costs.
  • Case Management and Collaboration
    Enable the efficient exchange of information to accelerate case management processes. Fulfill the needs of constituents more efficiently, contributing to economic recovery and governmental processing excel­lence.
  • Records Management
    Automatically capture, process, and archive high volumes of records and related documents from citizens and businesses in an efficient, integrated, and compliant manner.
  • Invoice Processing
    Increase efficiency and reduce cost and risk by accelerating and streamlining the processing of invoices – including exception and approval handling – in a variety of formats and from widely distributed suppliers.

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