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All-Flash, High-Performance Archives to Unleash Insights from All Data

VAST Federal, a subsidiary of VAST Data headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, helps the federal government modernize data center infrastructure with a unified all-flash platform called VAST Universal Storage. VAST Federal’s broad understanding of U.S. government contracts, security requirements, and architectural needs for real-time analytics models brings a new approach to the era of AI computing.

VAST Universal Storage provides customers with a cloud-native containerized storage architecture and eliminates storage tiering to unleash insights on their massive reserves of data. Combining the speed of an all-flash system with the affordability of an archive, VAST allows customers to quickly analyze and respond to national security situations and improve overall infrastructure performance for AI and HPC environments.

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AI for Government Summit Webinar Series: Session 1

Hosted By: NTIA, NVIDIA, VAST Data, Lambda, FedInsider & Carahsoft
Carahsoft June 04, 2024
Carahsoft 2:00 PM ET

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