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High-Dosage Tutoring: 3 Powerful & Flexible Models for Districts and Schools

We offer the flexibility to choose the implementation strategy that meets your district‘s unique needs.

Varsity Tutors for Schools pairs students with highly qualified tutors who have a deep understanding of the. New Jersey Student Learning Standards and understand how to adapt their instructional approach for elementary, middle, and high school learners. Tutors leverage age-appropriate learning strategies, including interactive activities and the use of technology-driven resources to facilitate personalized learning experiences that support each student’s distinct developmental and learning needs. In addition to live, video-based 1-on-1 and small- group tutoring via high- dosage tutoring models, students have access to supplemental learning opportunities, including 24/7 On-Demand Chat Tutoring, that can extend learning outside of the school day.


  • District Assigned™: District Assigned™ Tutoring offers a suite of features that enables administrators to manage district-wide high-dosage tutoring programs centrally, delivering 1-on-1 and small-group tutoring to students that need targeted intervention to bridge learning gaps on a recurring basis (typically 2-3x per week). Through District Assigned™ Tutoring, district administrators can partner with district staff to identify the students in need of tutoring support, define academic focus areas for student learning, and ensure tutoring is aligned to the district’s learning goals and outcomes.
  • Teacher Assigned™: When students start to fall behind in class, Teacher Assigned™ Tutoring empowers the educators who know them best to schedule high-dosage tutoring from subject-subject matter expert tutors on a recurring basis (typically 2-3x per week). Educators can tailor interventions to meet individual student needs by communicating with tutors, defining tutoring goals, sharing classroom materials, and reviewing recordings. Through this offering, teachers get an extra set of hands for each student, allowing the student to receive face-to-face personalized instruction from high-quality tutors consistently over time when they need it most.
  • Parent Assigned™: Parent Assigned™ Tutoring empowers parents to be advocates for their children’s learning. District leaders identify students who are eligible for tutoring and ensure that the program meets each of those students’ specific academic needs by setting the frequency of tutoring sessions and defining the subject areas in which additional instruction and support are needed. Once eligible students are identified, the parents of those students work directly with Varsity Tutors for Schools to schedule and manage recurring high-dosage tutoring sessions outside of the school day based upon the frequency determined or recommended by the district, typically 1-3 sessions per week, making it easy for students to get the personalized support they need on the days and times that work best for them.

24/7 Access to the Varsity Tutors Platform | District-Wide Access Included

The Varsity Tutors for Schools platform provides a comprehensive set of resources to help students of all learning types and backgrounds develop the academic skills and confidence they need to succeed. The Varsity Tutors platform gives every student in your district access to 24/7 comprehensive live support, including On- Demand Chat Tutoring, in all K-12 subjects.

With access to the Varsity Tutors Platform, DISTRICT ACRONYM students will benefit from 24/7 real-time learning support, proven standards-based self-study resources, and always-on enrichment. This district-wide tool, available at no additional cost, includes:

  • 24/7 On-Demand Chat Tutoring: Students ask questions and practice concepts with live chat tutoring in all K-12 subjects, including Math and ELA.
  • On-Demand Essay Review: Students submit essays and receive detailed, asynchronous feedback in grammar and composition to improve their writing and deepen their understanding of the writing process.
  • 100+ Weekly Live Classes in Test Prep & Enrichment: Students have access to over 100 daily drop-in and scheduled live classes in academic and enrichment subjects. Classes are added monthly.
  • Celebrity-Led StarCourses & Recorded Enrichment Classes: Students can explore what sparks their curiosity by experiencing exclusive classes taught by celebrity instructors and top experts. Students can join StarCourses live, or access recordings in our Learning Lab.