Valamis Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Valamis - Learning Experience Platform (LXP)
    Valamis LXP is an award-winning platform developed in cooperation with our customers. Valamis enables formal, informal, social, and microlearning, content authoring and management tools. Valamis gives users an access to in-depth analytics in their learning process by supporting the xAPI standard and a built-in Learning Record Store (LRS). Always utilizing the latest technologies, Valamis brings you a digital learning assistant powered with AI. The platform offers organizations a cost-effective and modular way to upskill their workforce and manage learning and development globally.

  • Valamis Learning Management System (LMS)

    Valamis Learning Management System brings organizations a cost effective and flexible way to deliver and manage their learning over multiple channels. With Valamis you can create and manage courses, curriculums and certificates as well as use your existing SCORM and Experience API (xAPI) compliant course modules.

  • Valamis Learning Content Management (LCMS)

    Valamis Learning Content Management System is an intuitive and easy-to-use content authoring and management system for creating engaging mobile-ready learning contents that are Experience API compliant and ready for learning analytics. Existing Powerpoint or PDF materials can be converted to digital learning assets with the converter tool included in Valamis.

  • Valamis Learning Analytics

    Valamis Learning Analytics gives an access to in-depth analytics of organization’s learning process by supporting the Experience API (xAPI) standard and making it possible to measure and track the quality and effectiveness of the learning, training programs and learning contents based on the learning experience data stored inside the Learning Record Store (LRS).

  • Learning Record Store (LRS)

    Valamis Learning Record Store stores all your learning experiences from both inside and outside Valamis for the effective learning analytics and reporting.