USEReady Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Einstein Analytics and Tableau

    Accelerator for Intelligent transformation using Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Tableau. Track and measure information about your prospects and customers from thousands of data points. Centralize prospect data in one location and generate insights to show exactly whom to target and what to offer Achieve 10x productivity and accurately identify prospects with highest likelihood of closing. Enhance marketing campaigns, maximize your demand generation and create predictable revenue growth.

  • Pixel Perfect Reporting

    Pixel Perfect, an extension to Tableau, allows users to generate well formatted, print ready reports out of Tableau. Used by fortune 100 organizations, Pixel Perfect for Tableau is the ideal tool to completely meet reporting needs. Retire legacy BI and adopt Tableau as your single BI and reporting platform.

  • Retire Legacy BI (Hyperion, Cognos etc.) and Move to Tableau

    If you’re using legacy BI (Cognos, Business Objects, Hyperion IR, SSRS, Crystal Reports etc.), your business is simply not receiving data and insights as quickly as it could be. And not making decisions as quickly as competition who have adopted self-serve analytics.

    Migrating to self-serve analytics is not easy though. At USEReady, we have made the modernization journey more predictable, with a framework and process to move out of legacy BI on to Tableau.

  • Smart Capacity

    Smart Capacity helps leaders build collaborative teams with flexible insourcing and outsourcing, expanding to a multi-disciplinary problem-solving approach. Smart Capacity provides you the ability to access multi-disciplinary teams and improve efficiencies 10x. Gain access to experts in Business Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Data Science.

  • Tableau on Cloud

    Move your Tableau server on prem infrastructure to a single tenancy cloud. Enhance performance and dynamically scale as your resource needs increase.

    USEReady has created a Tableau multi-cluster deployment accelerator, to move quickly to a high-performance, high-availability, cost-optimized Tableau Server multi-cluster architecture on AWS EC2 instances.

  • Collage

    Collage is an augmented analytics solution which curates artefacts from numerous BI platforms in to one central location, along with modules for social, trend and user analysis. Serve your BI community with faster decision making. Robust search capability helps to find data seamlessly across platforms. Engage with a virtual assistant and much more.

  • Tableau Blueprint

    Tableau Blueprint is a framework for developing analytics culture within your enterprise. USEReady has authored a book on Blueprint under “Practitioner’s guide” series. Along with the book USEReady built a software “Collage” that is a perfect companion to enable shared services within an enterprise.

  • Skill Belt

    Skill Belt is designed for organizations to deliver a structured educational framework at scale, enabling users to learn the critical skills necessary to be successful in their job.

    It takes a gamification approach to self-learning, so that users gain the right skills in a fun and engaging way. Organizations will be able to immediately begin capturing valuable data about their end-users’ abilities and begin building a self-service community by connecting users with peers at the same level and with champions.

  • Modernize your Data Warehouse

    USEReady helps you jump-start your modernization journey, streamline end-to-end process, and deliver a future-ready data warehouse solution that that can support your current and future analytics workload at scale. With our cloud-first approach, we empower you with modern cloud native data warehouse platforms, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Snowflake, Exasol, etc.

  • AI Chatbot

    Make your BI platform more interactive with a seamless chat interface. Ask the right questions, and drill down to the answers, powered by a chatbot. This makes users more productive in their BI use and increases adoption. Our AI Chatbot can be deployed on an existing BI solution and can be completely customized as per your requirements.