Tyler Technologies Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Open Data Portal: The Socrata Open Data Portal(tm) simplifies data movement by making it easy to upload, query, analyze, visualize, and share.
  • Open Performance: Socrata Open Performance(tm) not only helps you set goals, but measure their impact against data, perform broad analysis, and share your results automatically.
  • Financial Transparency Suite: Socrata's Financial Transparency Suite(tm) provides a detailed view of public finance decisions by transforming complex data sets into straightforward visuals that anyone can access. Today, the suite includes:

Open Budget: Socrata Open Budget(tm) presents budget data in a detailed, intuitive way so budget experts and curious citizens can get their budget questions answered.

Open Expenditures: Socrata Open Expenditures(tm) surfaces government spending data down to check-level detail, educating citizens and encouraging engagement.