Two Six Technologies Solutions for the Public Sector


    Sigma is an industry leader in self-contained CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) detection platforms. The result of years of R&D and real-world testing, SIGMA is the most secure, cloud-hosted Software-as-a-Service offering that supports person-carried, vehicle-mounted and static placements via its platform. Built for region-scaled networks and static CBRN sensors, SIGMA can be deployed operationally to protect citizens and critical infrastructure alike.

    Product features:

    • Seamless: Interactive command and control UI
    • Self-Contained: Unobtrusive static sensor installation and small, cell phone sized handheld sensors
    • Automated: Advanced automated threat detection and accurate isotope identification of sources in seconds
    • Quick and Easy: Up and running in minutes and hours, not days or weeks
    • Fully Integrated: Integrates with third-parties, and personal, vehicle and mobile detectors
    • Vigilant: Region scale continuous monitoring and situational awareness
    • Expansive Range: Sensor variety covers any deployment area
    • Scalable: Scalable from tens to thousands of sensors
    • Ideal for Temporary Deployment: Ideal for mission-specific deployments or defending high-profile, one time events and locations
  • TrustedKeep

    TrustedKeep was purpose-built for high performance, scalability and object-level encryption that enforces the separation of duties across the enterprise. Employed by the United States Government, TrustedKeep’s comprehensive security platform provides an easy, scalable solution for implementing Zero Trust protection across the enterprise — whether it’s in the cloud, on-premise or in hybrid environments.

    Product features:

    • Scalable Object-Level Encryption: Encrypt every object with a unique key. A single TrustedKMS™ cluster scales to billions of keys under management and handles thousands of transactions per second.
    • Strong Access Control and Separation of Duties: End users and authorized systems only have access to the data they’re supposed to see.
    • API Compatible With Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3): TrustedKeep™ acts as a transparent proxy to S3.
    • Compatible with Amazon’s KMS: For your most sensitive workloads, encrypt your data with TrustedKeep™ and a Customer Managed Key (CMK) from Amazon’s KMS.
    • Highly Available and Geographically Distributable: TrustedGateway™ is stateless and can scale to your workload, while TrustedKMS™ can be distributed across data centers or AWS regions.
    • Strong Auditing and Monitoring: Every operation is audited, and all audits are exportable to your elastic™ stack.
  • Pulse

    Enable data collection and two-way engagement with Pulse. Pulse’s platform leverages cloud analytics and advanced data processing tools to help answer difficult questions in austere environments — providing teams with deep insights and engaging them in two-way conversations. Our technology platform provides full-spectrum support to information operations, enabling teams to understand hard-to-reach communities and address urgent human security issues faced by these vulnerable populations.

    Product capabilities:

    • Listen: Ingest publicly available information (PAI) from Social Media, Social Chat and the Surface, Deep, and Dark Web
    • Discover: Identify and monitor narratives and influencers through an AI-enabled data pipeline and custom analytics
    • Focus: Build custom audiences and understand patterns of life through global, SDK-based, privacy-compliant smart device location data
    • Connect: Deliver relevant content to global audiences through mobile apps and web browsers
    • Engage: Communicate directly with selected audiences through their own devices and on the platforms where they most often communicate
    • Amplify: Rebroadcast relevant, trending content at scale across social media and social chat
  • M3

    M3 (Media Manipulation Monitor) enables U.S. Government and business change-makers to decode media manipulation by foreign markets through data, analytics and insights. M3 uses signal-rich proprietary data, AI-powered technology and world-class expertise to decode foreign governments’ efforts to manipulate the narrative — including censorship, disinformation, and propaganda campaigns — revealing the intentions, information and priorities they would rather keep hidden.

    Product features:

    • Manipulation Dashboard: M3 offers a dashboard for monitoring manipulation so that you know if your data sources have been manipulated—when, how, and why. We can detect censorship, inauthentic content, disinformation, and propaganda in foreign governments’ media stories, official statistics, and social media statements.
    • Curated Insight: We’ve invested in technology and methods that ensure you get more signal and less noise. We curate our data, use neural network language models to understand nuance and discover narratives, automatically detect inauthentic content, and set baselines so that we can conduct anomaly detection.
    • Annotated Data: Integrate our annotated data directly into your platform—making it easy for you to generate your own insights and incorporate them into your products. You choose the data and annotations most relevant to you and pay only for what you need. Our data is always curated for signals.
    • Expert Support: Clients have transparent access to our data science methods, like the analytics, natural language processing, and machine learning tools used to solve the problems that come with monitoring manipulation. And we offer a range of support tiers to help clients adapt them. Our team of experts has years of experience in international markets and speaks foreign languages at the native level.
  • IKE

    IKE is a multi-domain command and control platform that blends users, systems and analytics throughout the command chain and across multiple domains and organizations — giving users the ability to plan, prepare, execute and comprehend complex battlefield operations. IKE empowers personnel at every level of the U.S. cyber mission, by seamlessly codifying military processes into a single pane of glass using AI and machine learning.

    Product features:

    • Automated: IKE is powered by machine learning to reduce manual effort for operators
    • Offline Collaboration: A platform purpose-built for collaboration ensures efficiency even in the toughest environments
    • Advanced Visualizations: Gives cyber commanders precise, real-time insight into networks
    • Robust Reporting: Allows teams to track their impact every step of the way