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Cross the AI Chasm: TruEra AI Quality and Explainability Solutions

TruEra offers AI Quality solutions that improve model performance while improving the transparency and trustworthiness of machine learning models, so that models can finally make it into production and stay there.

Need to explain your model and prove it works to stakeholders and gatekeepers? Get independent verification and validation of models across all model types, no matter how they were created or where they reside, using TruEra Diagnostics. Need to make sure your models are still performing correctly in production? TruEra Monitoring ensures that you have the visibility that you need, and pinpoints the causes of problems when they happen, so that you can fix them quickly and stay in production.

Supporting Agencies with Metrics

Government agencies face an avalanche of algorithms from a myriad of sources, both internal and external, as development teams act on their enthusiasm for the potential of AI to address critical challenges. However, AI is often developed without governance, controls, or clear target outcomes. What cannot be trusted or explained cannot be used, and unused innovation fails to achieve results.

TruEra solves the explainability and model quality challenges. TruEra’s model quality metrics include accuracy, explainability, bias, stability, and reliability. The solution includes model benchmarking, collaboration, and reporting. TruEra can be used for development, evaluation and post-deployment Monitoring. Containerized and highly portable, TruEra solutions can be used across a myriad of government use cases and in any environment where real-time, comprehensive model intelligence is required.

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