Whether federal, state or local agency, public safety or educational organization, TransUnion's suite of mission-critical solutions provides the public sector with vital information and an unmatched combination of credit and non-credit data to help ensure citizen safety, manage compliance and boost services for constituents served. Our comprehensive and unique sets of credit, criminal and public data, coupled with flexible analytics, help agencies detect and prevent cyber fraud, and make connections between people, businesses, assets and locations.

Our experience has given us a deep understanding of the challenges facing your organization, your service requirements, and the factors that impact your daily operations. Visit www.transunion.com/industry/public-sector to learn more.


GSA Schedule Contracts

GSA Schedule 70

GSA Schedule 70 GSA Schedule No. GS-35F-0119Y Term: December 20, 2011- December 19, 2021

SEWP Contracts


Contract Number: Group A Small: NNG15SC03B Group D Other Than Small: NNG15SC27B Term: May 1, 2015 - May 1, 2025

State & Local Contracts

City of Seattle Contract

Contract #0000003265 Term: December 19, 2021


Contract # CMAS 3-12-70-2247E Term: through March 31, 2022

National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA)

Term: through November 30, 2021

Orange County National IPA Co-Op

Through May 31, 2021

Texas DIR-TSO-4288

Texas DIR Contract: DIR-TSO-4288 Contract Period: Through February 21, 2021 (with 2 option years)


Contract Number: UVA1482501 Term: May 2, 2014– December 19, 2021


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TransUnion (NYSE: TRU) announced a partnership today with Carahsoft Technology Corp., the trusted government IT solutions provider, to serve as a sales agent for TransUnion and its business with ...
TransUnion, a leading global provider of information and risk management solutions, has been approved as an Identity Manager under SAFE-BioPharma FICAM Trust Framework 2.0. The new status qualifies ...



Information is a powerful thing. And the right information— analyzed by experienced people—can help all of us learn from the past, navigate the present and predict the future. TransUnion goes beyond credit data to offer the insights that government professionals need to make informed...

TLOxp for Law Enforcement helps pinpoint investigative resources to aid in resolving crimes faster. Built for identifying, tracking and locating criminals, suspects and fugitives, this TransUnion solution gives you access to powerful technology, analytics and data for more efficient and successful r...


Recover more dollars in your collections cycle.

In a world overwrought with data breaches and fraud, organizations everywhere are focusing on ID proofing to protect themselves. But to whom do you turn for assurance that you're getting the best, most effective solutions? The answer is TransUnion-for a variety of reasons.

Data drift is best battled by keeping identity databases synchronized with trustworthy information, such as that maintained by a consumer-reporting agency like TransUnion.

Access a full suite of data and analytics driven solutions to proactively detect potential risks to your organization.

Fighting identity theft is a top priority for government agencies tasked with protecting sensitive personal data belonging to American citizens. As evidenced by the increase in number and sophistication of attacks against federal, state and local agencies, it’s no longer a question of whether ther...

Even the best network intrusion detection systems, firewalls and the latest technologies may not protect you when cyber fraudsters impersonate real people for criminal purposes. But you can take action: TransUnion’s identity management tools and alerts check against accurate real-time information ...

The TransUnion TLOxp® investigative solution offers government agencies a 360-degree view of vendors, businesses and individuals by aggregating public and private information in a consolidated look at current and historical information. 

Fast Searches. Accurate Data. Enhanced Due Diligence.TLOxp(r) is the latest version of the search and locating technology that revolutionized individual and corporate investigations. Now, armed with advanced new tools, it's helping government offices verify individuals, authenticate businesses, and ...