Instantly and Intuitively Eliminate Language Barriers

The ILA (Instant Language Assistant) ecosystem is an entire language access and accessibility communication platform that offers a solution for people to communicate with each other across over 140 languages and multiple dialects. It’s software, web interfaces, hardware, and administrative interfaces all hosted in the most advanced AI Cloud. Intelligent and intuitive design blended with AI and Organization-specific intelligence means every company employee can now communicate with customers in their preferred language, to dissolve the communication barrier. With added functionality built for supporting people with communication and mobility disabilities, your organization will be able to provide equitable services and ensure meaningful language access for the people you need to communicate with.

The ILA Pro device offers the built-in ILA Service with enhanced features that allow seamless communication in an office setting or on the go. Multiple inputs and options make it completely customizable for the operator. Two separate detachable screens allow both parties to speak in their language, type, or spell out words, with the opportunity to access remote human interpreters if needed.

Easy to learn and operate, the ILA Pro is designed for anyone to be able to communicate in-person in their language of choice, with powerful features like a screen where users can choose their language, digital keyboards with multiple languages, and a microphone that can be easily tapped with the push of a button. The operator can also tap either microphone button on the device from their side of the screen for enhanced disability services.

The ILA App or Webhost (licensed) can communicate by bridging two or more devices that have a web browser and microphone, from mobile phones to tablets to desktop computers. It spans anywhere across the world with internet connectivity. A single-user room function allows you to pass a device back and forth for in-person meetings. Similar to the ILA Pro, you get the same instant translation features and security, plus pre-loaded accurate phrases and access to connect to a live interpreter. The main difference is that it offers more portability, perfect for remote field agents and anyone who needs outstanding translation capabilities on the go.

With enhanced machinery and advanced intelligence inside the devices and app, ILA has four main features that significantly differentiate it from other more recreational translation apps:

1) Easy - the intuitive device and app have a near-zero learning curve, which allows people who are brand new to the device to learn it in moments and speak conversationally right away. Realtime voice translation means everyone hears and understands the speaker within moments of them speaking it. Tapping a simple microphone button on both sides of the device allows the conversation to flow seamlessly.

2) Private - security is built into every device. With encrypted and private conversations, no data is saved or mined. That means every conversation disappears and is not stored, making it HIPPA-compliant and safe for government use (no PII). The devices themselves are made in a TAA-compliant country, with additional possibilities for configuring extra security and protocols as needed.

3) Inclusive - ILA allows every user to intuitively access a host of features which cater to people of multiple languages and capabilities, including technical proficiency, literacy, deaf, hard of hearing, and deafblind. With a broad range of languages and dialects, people can engage in remarkably accurate conversations in moments, with the ability to bring on a live interpreter if needed. The ILA Pro allows this to happen for people speaking face-to-face, while the user can also generate a QR code or a link that can be clicked and accessed remotely on other devices in the language of their choosing with no registration, no download, no signup, and no cost to connect.

4) Customizable - ILA is unique because it’s the only comprehensive communication solution that is built to service enterprise-level needs. It allows organizations to preload the most commonly used phrases (100% accurate and human-checked), with the ability to integrate into the company workflow and be controlled centrally by an administrative interface. Easily access remote human interpreters, including in-house teams and existing vendors. AI engines allow flexible and natural conversations with custom domain vocabulary, weighted words, and custom translations. Questions, commands, and procedures can be communicated across all ILA devices in multiple languages with 100% accuracy.

The ILA Pro is made from two tablets with multiple microphones, loud speakers, Bluetooth connections, and the ability to detach. It’s as versatile as it is useful, perfect for communicating with individuals with Limited English Proficiency (LEP), deaf, hard of hearing (D/HOH) and more.

How can the ILA help to bridge multiple speakers, audience members, locations, and languages?

Speakers can easily share links with their ILA Pro, App, or Webhost to invite an audience. Audience members can scan a QR code using their own device or use a web link similar to joining an online meeting and pick their preferred language to listen to and read. The speakers words are translated into multiple other languages across multiple devices in realtime - both in-person and remotely so that listeners and readers can choose their own translated language and format. This is all accomplished at no cost, hassle, or learning curve for the audience.

ILA products offer the hardware, software, and infrastructure to match your business needs. From schools to hospitals, and medical care to first responders, if you need to equip your team to instantly understand and be understood in over 140 languages with the tap of a button, then meet with a TranslateLive service professional today to get a customized demonstration.