Solutions for the Public Sector

Turbocharge development and streamline compliance with high-fidelity test data

Rapid access to quality test data is a critical component of today’s CI/CD workflows. Without it, developers face delayed release cycles, bugs in production, and the burden of maintaining ineffective workarounds that are an endless drain on resources—not to mention the risky “workaround” of using sensitive production data in lower environments.

Build better, faster, and safer by hydrating your environments with high-fidelity test data from Tonic, the all-in-one platform for data masking, subsetting, and synthesis built for today’s developers. Through an intuitive UI and extensive database support, Tonic makes it easy to generate realistic test data on demand that looks, acts, and feels like production data because it’s made from production data.

Realistic data to drive productivity

  • Input-to-Output Consistency - Mask data consistently across databases to maintain referential integrity between primary and foreign keys.
  • Dependency linking - Capture critical relationships in your data with column linking and partitioning.
  • 50+ data type generators - Synthesize complex scenarios no matter the data type, sensitivity need, or downstream use case.
{start{Multi-database subsetting - Target your use cases with referentially-intact, cross-database subsets sized to your needs.

Built-in privacy to simplify compliance

  • Privacy reports - Monitor the level of protection achieved and maintain records of every data generation run.
  • Schema change alerts - Stop sensitive data from leaking into lower environments with automated schema change detection.
  • Workspace management - Streamline privacy settings across your organization with Workspace Inheritance, RBAC, and collaboration features. Apply different privacy to ensure the strongest degree of protection and satisfy the requirements of GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and every other regulation on the horizon.
  • Self-hosted deployment - Keep your data at its source by deploying Tonic self-hosted to your own VPC or even air-gapped.

Extensible connectivity to maximize efficiency

  • Native support for leading SQL and NoSQL databases and data warehouses
  • Fully accessible by API
  • Automated integrations with webhooks
  • Post-job scripts for further customization