Traffic Analysis & Fleet Management Solutions for Government

TomTom delivers 20 years of innovation and geospatial expertise to the Government & Public sector

TomTom is a map making company with over 20 years of experience and - with more than 2000 persons focusing on improving their maps every day as well as continuous investments - they are committed to develop their maps even more with the objective to reach 100% coverage and best-in-class safety and navigation map attribution.

Map quality matters! TomTom delivers certified quality content, thanks to the design of their unique "hybrid" map-making approach. This innovative approach combines traditional map making methods (satellite imagery, field surveys, Mobile mapping vans, and fleets) with rigorously controlled community input. TomTom's Maps are specifically made for those who care about quality and reliability.

Since 2006, TomTom has delivered best-in-class traffic information to Governments, Enterprises and consumers. TomTom has the technologies, experience and know-how to deliver traffic product and services to suit your needs.

Business intelligence, personal navigation, itinerary planning, geocoding, geo-spatial analysis, fleet management, customer support, business expansion and automotive applications are just some of the areas being exploited by enterprise and government partners. With TomTom, complex geographic relationships are easily understood and analyzed so organizations can respond rapidly to changing market conditions and achieve significant cost savings.

TomTom provides the most accurate, biggest coverage and the highest update frequency for real-time traffic information in the world, helping you create location aware systems at the speed today's end users demand. Additionally, TomTom makes available the largest car-centric database of more than 9 trillion anonymously collected data points, providing analysis to predict driving behavior across the road network.

Enhanced Content:
In creating the world's most current digital map, TomTom has laid the perfect foundation for adding enhanced content that will enrich the properties of the maps as well as the customer experience. Examples include Points of Interest, Advanced Driving Attributes, Logistics, Administrative Areas, and more.

Location-based Services:

TomTom LBS Platform is a cloud-based environment that allows developers to easily access TomTom's best-in-class map content and software services. With our Location Based Services (LBS) Platform, developers are equipped with the content and tools necessary to create location-enabled applications for consumers, enterprises, and government markets.

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