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How to reduce your organization's reliance on "bad" open source packages

Learn how to minimize your organization's dependence on problematic open source packages with Tidelift's upcoming webinar, "How to reduce your organization's reliance on 'bad' open source packages."

Open source software is indispensable for modern applications, with up to 98% of them incorporating open source components. However, not all packages are equal—some may be unsuitable for enterprise use, abandoned, or insecure.

Without a continuous awareness of such issues, organizations may rely solely on vulnerability scans to address existing flaws, which can slow down development and increase security risks. Join us to discover four key strategies for reducing reliance on problematic packages:

  • Evaluate packages before integration into development.
  • Monitor open source packages actively.
  • Identify and remove potentially problematic packages already in use.
  • Strengthen vulnerable packages to prevent issues.

Join us on Wednesday, May 1 at 3 p.m. ET / 12 p.m. PT to gain valuable insights and actionable strategies for enhancing your open source software supply chain's health and resilience.