ThoughtSpot Product Architecture

Next-Generation Analytics Architecture.

Purpose-built from the ground up for search, automated insights, ease of use, scale, and enterprise governance.

  • Enterprise Security & Governance: Enterprise-grade controls to ensure secure, trusted, and governed usage across the organization.
  • SearchIQ & Relational Search Engine: A guided search experience that lets anyone analyze data in seconds.
  • SpotIQ AI Engine: Get trusted, automated insights from billions of data points in a single click.
  • BI & Visualization Server: Automatically generates queries and best-fit charts.
  • In-Memory Calculation Engine: Crunching billions of rows of data in milliseconds.
  • Distributed Cluster Manager: Monitor, manage, and scale-out with ease.
  • Data Connectors & APIs: Easily bring data from any source into ThoughtSpot.
  • ThoughtSpot

    Search & AI-Driven analytics platform

  • SearchIQ

    Natural language processing (NLP) that enables users to “converse” with their data and search using only their voice and casual, everyday language.

  • SpotIQ

    AI-engine which gives you answers to questions you didn’t think to ask

  • Falcon

    The world’s fastest in-memory calculation engine

  • Embrace

    Search & AI Analytics in-database for the cloud

  • Embedded Analytics

    Fully customizable analytics in your existing workflow