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Save time and cost by converging services on the Tensor Networks Platform for Edge Computing, Data Networking, GPU Computing, Virtualization, and Security.

Save time and money with this optimized and pre-configured Open Edge-AI Platform.

We've spent over 3 years optimizing an Open Edge Platform so that you don't have to. Tensor Networks develops and distributes the Tensor Networks Platform (TNP). The TNP is designed to be an optimized and pre-configured Edge-AI solution for smart cities, DoD, hybrid-cloud, IoT, Retail, OEM, ODM, and ISV's.

The TNP includes secure services for network routing including IPv4, IPv6, BGP, and ISIS protocols. TNP also includes services for firewall and GPU acceleration supporting Edge-AI needs for video inference.

The TNP is RHEL binary compatible with upstream support from the Rocky community. This reduces risk and complexity and provides a rich ecosystem of services.

The Tensor Networks Platform is supported on any x86 white-box hardware for either 65-bit Intel or AMD processors. TNP is a SE Linux edition for NVIDIA ARM64 family of processors too.