Tenable Services for State and Local Government

With rapid IT modernization and high-profile data breaches, government agencies are under extraordinary pressure to maintain constant vigilance against cyber threats to critical infrastructure and citizen data, and to establish effective information security defenses, all while demonstrating compliance with diverse regulations and standards.

Tenable solutions can help state and local governments (SLG) effectively assess, manage and secure critical assets to protect citizen data and critical infrastructure, prevent breaches and securely provide essential services, as well as:

  • Discover and assess known and unknown assets across the entire attack surface, spanning cloud, IoT, containers, mobile and on-prem platforms - even non-traditional operating technologies (OT).
  • Continuously monitor for cyber vulnerabilities with broadest detection coverage in the industry, apply compliance standards and automate audit reporting.
  • Focus on vulnerabilities posing the greatest risk for prioritized remediation with Predictive Prioritization to evolve to true Risk-based Vulnerability Management.
  • Calculate, communicate and compare cyber exposure across state agencies and against peer organizations with Tenable Lumin.