Tenable Solutions for Federal Government Agencies

Government agencies face escalating pressure to maintain constant vigilance against persistent cyber threats and attacks. Federal system integrators and other commercial partners that do business with U.S. government defense, intelligence and civilian agencies must establish robust information security defenses and continuously demonstrate compliance with evolving regulations and standards.

With a deep history of working with government agencies at every level, Tenable has become a primary technology in major federal cyber programs such as ACAS and CDM. Tenable serves government agencies' specialized cybersecurity needs to protect their complex networks against ongoing threats, ensuring systems and technologies are in place to:

  • Continuously monitor on-prem, cloud, mobile and virtual data assets for real-time visibility
  • Proactively protect sensitive data and critical infrastructure from cyber threats
  • Extract actionable data and intelligence for expedited incident response and mitigation
  • Consistently demonstrate real-time compliance with regulatory standards and operational frameworks including NIST, RMF, SAP (Special Access Programs), DFARS, SCAP, CIS and SCADA
  • Integrate with other leading security solutions