Tecnics Solutions for the Public Sector

  • TecMFA

    TecMFA is a Credential Provider / Authorization Plugin developed on top of Okta's MFA & Policy framework and extends Okta's MFA policy to Windows / Mac desktop & laptops.

    TecMFA adds an additional layer of security by prompting users to authenticate with something besides a password. To gain access to their desktops & laptops, users are prompted for factors configured in Okta when they login.

    • Provides an additional layer of security for workstations & laptops
    • Supports desktop MFA in online and offline mode
    • Control how many times users are prompted for MFA during Windows/Mac login
    • Admin generated by-pass code in case a user forgets their mobile phone
    • Supports Okta Verify and U2F security keys for offline mode
    • SSO into Okta after desktop MFA (this is not a replacement for DSSO)
    • Easy to install & provides UI branding features
  • TecSSPR

    TecSSPR is a Credential Provider / Authorization Plugin developed on top of Okta's MFA & Policy framework, and allows users to reset their password from the login screen (Windows & Mac) after completing the second factor authentication configured in Okta.

    The process to recover the password is very user friendly, secure and fast, thereby increasing productivity, improving the user experience and reducing help desk costs.

  • TecTANGO

    TecTANGO is a Credential Provider for Windows 10 which enables Okta customers to login to Windows using Smart Cards like HID Crescendo C2300, Yubikey FIPS, and other PIV compliant Smart Cards.

    In order to login, the user needs to be in physical possession of the smart card (something the user has – 1F) and should know the PIN (something the user knows – 2F) that unlocks the smart card. The security can be further enhanced by adding Okta Verify as additional factor.

    Traditional thick client apps, including desktop or mainframe apps, use external identity stores and do not have federation capabilities. Passwords for all these apps are unique and the user has to remember all of them.

  • TecUNIFY

    TecUNIFY is an all-in-one solution which addresses the thick client use-case for Okta users. TecUNIFY enables a seamless Single Sign-On experience for users, so that they don’t have to remember every password.

  • TecUPS

    TecUPS provides User Provisioning & Password Sync. for Okta mastered users on Non-Domain Joined Machines.

    With TecUPS & Okta, centralized user management is possible and passwords are synced for local desktop users. One single login can unlock access to all corporate resources. In addition, Okta MFA policy can be enforced at desktop level