Tableau NGO/EDU

Licensing and Enablement Packages for Tableau Online


Tableau - “Analytics Jump Start” package - $38,505

Customer Profile - The Analytics Jump Start package is designed for those just getting started with Tableau. Whether you represent a small-to-medium sized organization or a singular function within a larger organization, Tableau provides you the licenses and user training to get you started on the right foot, as well as the expertise of our certified consultants to help you design and build out your first visualizations in Tableau.

Tableau - “Organizational Growth” package - $101,070

Customer Profile - Our Organizational Growth package is a great fit for those that are expanding their use of Tableau into new areas, or for those with use cases in more than one business area. We include training for your Admins and Creators, and help establish your governed data sources in Tableau Online. We partner closely with you on use case creation to ensure your critical data projects get up and running without delay. And we add Tableau’s Extended Support which helps you avoid or reduce downtime and accelerate response times and the additional availability of 24 x 7 weekend support for critical P1 issues.

Tableau - “Enterprise Adoption” package - $173,340

Customer Profile - The Enterprise Adoption Package is for organizations that are committed to using Tableau throughout the enterprise or those that are making a significant investment in their analytics journey. We offer a robust licensing package with a number of training offerings that can be aligned to your users based on their roles and relationships to data. We also include Premium Support, which provides complete, proactive account care you can rely on, as well as a comprehensive set of resources, extended availability and the fastest response time to service product issues with 24 x 7 support for P1 and P2 issues. In order to help scale Tableau throughout the organization, Tableau experts will work remotely with you for the first 3 months following your purchase to help you build dashboards, conduct user enablement sessions, and instill a data culture.