Synergist Technologies Solutions for the Public Sector

AFFIRM enables users to deploy a comprehensive AI governance solution that includes regulatory compliance, model compliance, and risk assessment. Responsible AI governance is not a periodic endeavor. It is an organizational effort and requires continuous monitoring of AI. AFFIRM is built to help you manage the entire AI governance continuum.

Whether you are in the early stages of AI discovery and adoption, or you have multiple AI systems deployed across your organization, AFFIRM can be your command-and-control center for responsible and comprehensive AI governance.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 

AFFIRM SaaS Capabilities:

1.  Organization Management

2.  Directives Management

3.  AI Inventory and Policy Management

4.  AI Testing & Audit

5.  Analytics and Reporting

Organization Management:

Managing and monitoring your AI for compliance, algorithm intended function, and risk management goes beyond choosing an AI solution. It is an organizational effort. You must clearly define your use cases, create internal policies and procedures, and prepare and train your staff for AI adoption. With AFFIRM, you can do all of this and more with ease.

  • Use Case Management

    Synergist supports our client in making the most informed risk decisions by aligning to a bespoke security model that is continually monitored and maintained.

  • Readiness Management

    Your managers and employees may have varying levels of AI knowledge and understanding. AFFIRM can help prepare your team for the adoption of AI with its readiness management module that provides a training and learning management solution for your staff.

  • AI Provider Management

    You must be able to trust your AI vendors and their systems. With AFFIRM, you can validate your vendors through a blend of documentation, attestations, and AI asset testing, ensuring they comply with specified regulatory and compliance standards.

  • User Management

    You need to be able to trust your AI vendors and their systems. With AFFIRM, you can certify your vendors with a combination of documentation, attestations, and AI asset testing to ensure they meet specified regulatory and compliance requirements.

Directives Management: 

Managing AI regulatory policies and frameworks is becoming mission-critical and is cumbersome. With AFFIRM, you can easily create and maintain a compliance library of all relevant policies and frameworks.

  • Directive Capture:

    AFFIRM helps you manage your directives- regulatory policies and frameworks that your AI must meet. As directives are introduced or modified by governmental agencies, standard bodies, etc., this compliance library can be easily updated so that you can maintain the compliance of your policies in the changing regulatory landscape.

  • Directive Version Control:

    Regulatory policies and frameworks are evolving rapidly. With AFFIRM, you can track and manage different versions of these policies and frameworks through the compliance library.

AI Inventory & Policy Management:

It is difficult to monitor what you can’t see.  With AFFIRM, you can aggregate documentation for all of your AI policies and assets into a centralized tracking repository. Your organization may be adopting AI at different rates for different purposes across departments. With AFFIRM’s centralized tracking repository, remove these organizational silos and create a centralized command center for your AI deployments and policies.

  • Asset Capture

    AFFIRM will capture and inventory all of your AI assets, providing visibility into and enabling management of all your AI from a single command center.

  • Asset Version Control

    AFFIRM will track and manage different versions of and modifications to your AI assets. Did you add a conversation history repository to your chatbot? AFFIRM can help manage these updates.

  • Compliance Management

    Remove organizational compliance silos with AFFIRM. With its compliance management feature, AFFIRM enables you to aggregate and manage all of your internal AI compliance policies, procedures, and best practices into a single, centralized repository.

AI Testing & Audit:

  • AI Model Documents

    AFFIRM includes an extensive library of model documents including the various policies, plans, reports, roadmaps, and assessments that make up a suite of compliance documents. As an example, the NIST AI IRMF has a suite of over thirty documents. If you don’t already have your document suite in place, then AFFIRM has model templates as Word documents that you can take and make your own.

  • AI Policy Testing

    AFFIRM enables you to automatically upload and test your internal policy documents against external policy and framework directives with the click of a button. As each policy is tested, AFFIRM generates an easy to-understand report of any gaps in your policy documents, along with (coming soon) recommendations for policy language to add to meet the directives that your business is subject to.

  • AI Use Case Testing

    AFFIRM will test your AI use cases continuously, on a schedule, or at a point in time using proprietary prompt patterns to measure accuracy, bias, fairness, compliance, and security, among other metrics. Test results are recorded and measured against expected outcomes to determine if AI has drifted from acceptable performance thresholds. When an AI use case fails a test, an alert is automatically generated to flag the potential risk and initiate mediation if required.

  • Connection Management

    AFFIRM will integrate securely and seamlessly with your AI assets to facilitate testing, minimizing any disruption to your business work flows.

  • AI Audit

    Perform and manage the review of your entire AI organization. AFFIRM enables users to audit their organization and AI policies, assets, use cases, and test results to assure compliance with all regulatory policies and frameworks.

  • Document Management

    Manage and archive all documents associated with an AI audit within AFFIRM. Create an expanding library of historical AI audit documentation for compliance and regulatory reporting requirements.

  • Risk Management

    Generated from testing and audit results, manage your AI risk effectively with a prioritized risk matrix created in AFFIRM.

Analytics & Reporting:

AI is constantly evolving and you need real-time insight into the performance of your assets. With the AFFIRM platform, get easy to understand and digestible analytics and reports on all your AI assets in a single, consolidated view.

  • Analytics Engine

    AFFIRM’s analytics engine digests and processes raw AI testing data to prepare and cleanse the data for presentation in the reporting module. The analytics engine empowers the AFFIRM platform to create robust data visualizations for users to easily understand testing results.

  • Reporting Scheduling

    AFFIRM enables users to generate reports on demand or on a set schedule. Get the data you need to monitor your AI at the time you need it with AFFIRM.

NAIC Codes:

8721 - Auditing, Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

541715 - R&D in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences