Sylabs Solutions for the Public Sector

  • SingularityPRO

    SingularityPRO builds on the success of the open source SingularityCE version but includes enterprise-grade enhancements that make the platform stronger, highly secure, and more feature-rich, such as software bill of materials (SBOM.) Sylabs supports SingularityPRO code with clearly defined lifecycles. SingularityPRO comes with enterprise-grade support from the lead Sylab developers. It includes the backporting of security and bug fixes and packaged binaries for easy deployment and upgrades. SingularityPRO subscribers also receive extra functionality provided via PRO plugins and direct access to feature and development roadmaps - including influence on feature development and timelines. SingularityPRO is licensed per host or to a whole site with varying levels of support available directly from our team of experts.

  • Singularity Enterprise

    Singularity Enterprise consists of three services to support Singularity container workflows. It includes a Remote Builder to build containers of varying architectures, a Container Library to manage containers, and a Keystore for container verification of authenticity. Additionally, Singularity Enterprise becomes the cornerstone to manage, archive, create chains of trust and provenance, and move your workloads from single systems to multi-systems and on-ramp to the cloud or multi-cloud. The solution supports x86-64, ARM64, and IBM Power 9 architectures, catering to the diverse needs of government agencies.