SUMO Scheduler Solutions for the Public Sector


  • Online Appointment Scheduler - The SUMO Platform manages appointment and staff availability, so customers are scheduled with the right person, at the right location, at the right time. SUMO’s online scheduler can be leveraged on any website, microsite, social media page or Salesforce Community.
    SUMO Online Appointment Scheduler Demo Video

  • Instant Booker - In literally seconds, the SUMO Instant Booking Module is able to tap into the SUMO Assignment Engine and Calendar Connector to find openings and get your prospect or customer booked.
    SUMO Instant Booker Module Demo Video

  • Invite Manager - Use the Invite Manager to email a meeting invite to a prospect or customer, they click the link, choose a time, and the meeting is automatically booked on everyone’s calendar.
    SUMO Appointment Invite Manager Module Demo Video

  • Appointment Links - Create custom appointment invite links to schedule on behalf of yourself and others. Add additional users to your appointment links and dictate a window of availability for all participants.
    SUMO Appointment Links Module Demo Video

Events and Courses:

  • Event and Course Suite - Create, manage and execute experiential marketing events and courses that build brand value and customer loyalty.