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Rethinking Storage

Spectra Logic develops data storage solutions that solve the problem of short and long-term digital preservation for business and technology professionals dealing with exponential data growth. Dedicated solely to data storage innovation for 40 years, Spectra Logic’s uncompromising product and customer focus is proven by the adoption of its solutions by industry leaders in multiple markets globally. Spectra enables affordable, multi-decade data storage and access by creating new methods of managing information in all forms of data storage — including archive, backup, cold storage, private cloud and public cloud. Check out the specs here.

Spectra Certified Media is Vastly Superior

Spectra Logic’s commitment to you is making tape pain-free through Spectra Certified Media. From manufacturer selection to packaging and customer shipment, every step of the Spectra Certified Media manufacturing process is designed to ensure you have the most reliable and automated tape storage available. No other supplier places as much emphasis on continual enhancements and features that simplify all aspects of the media management process.

Supporting You is our Number One Priority

Spectra Logic’s SpectraGuard® Support is committed to providing superior service to help your company achieve the least amount of downtime and avoid costly disruptions to your operations. We proactively manage and minimize technical issues by providing the correct tools, expertise, and resources needed to ensure rapid resolution.

Nearly 40 years of experience has taught us that taking a personal and attentive approach to every support interaction, regardless of severity level or client size, allows us to far surpass the typical support experience, and to truly exceed expectations. From the time an issue is opened to the time it is resolved, SpectraGuard is proud to be the technical resource you can rely on to keep your operations running smoothly, while earning your utmost satisfaction.


Tape Libraries

  • Spectra Stack Tape Library

    Modern Storage for Today’s Data Center

    Built with maximum flexibility at its core, the Spectra® Stack Tape Library will meet your backup, archive, and perpetual storage requirements. Designed to be easily installed, expanded and managed, the Spectra Stack is rated at a 100% duty cycle – meaning it is one of the only stackable libraries built to perform in a 24/7 environment. Spectra Stack starts as a 6U library with 1 to 6 LTO tape drives and 10 to 80 LTO tape slots. Each module of the Spectra Stack holds an additional 10 to 80 tape slots and 1 to 6 tape drives. Scalable from 10 to 560 tape slots and 1 to 42 tape drives, users can store more than 6.7PB (16.7PB compressed*) of data in a fully expanded Spectra Stack library.

    Click here for more information.

  • TFinity ExaScale Tape Library

    The World’s Highest Capacity Storage System

    Proven by the largest data users in the world, TFinity ExaScale offers a highly flexible hardware architecture and a revolutionary management interface, helping you achieve the ultimate in data preservation. The TFinity ExaScale can expand up to 44 frames in a single library.

    Built upon Spectra’s history as the undisputed leader in tape technology innovation, TFinity ExaScale offers many advantages: component redundancy, high-performance dual robotics, industry-leading storage density, extreme scalability, energy efficiency, ease of management, integrated encryption and enduring reliability and service.

    Click here for more information.

  • T950 Tape Library

    Enterprise Storage without Compromise

    The award-winning Spectra T950 library leads the field with the lowest TCO of any tape solution—from the greatest storage density and feature set to integrated encryption with key management – in an automated library. T950 also offers comprehensive media and hardware health monitoring inside our easy-to-use, single management BlueScale® interface, giving you a simple and secure system that eliminates the element of surprise. The T950 can also configure with IBM® TS1160 Technology drives & media for even greater performance.

    Click here for more information.

  • T680 Tape Library

    Maximum Flexibility, Superior Longevity, and Tremendous Efficiency

    With the exceptionally high-performance Spectra® T680 Tape Library, you will meet your backup, archive, and deep storage requirements. Designed to be easy to use and manage, it won’t let you down in the most demanding environments. Scalable from 50 to 670 LTO slots, you can store 8.6PB (20.4PB compressed*) of data. With up to 12 LTO drives you can transfer data up to 15.5TB/hr. (30.2TB/hr. compressed*) using LTO-8 tape technology.

    Click here for more information.

  • T380 Tape Library

    Maximum Flexibility, and Superior Longevity

    With the exceptionally high-performance Spectra® T380 Tape Library, you will meet your backup, archive, and deep storage requirements. Designed to be easy to use and manage, it won’t let you down in the most demanding environments. The Spectra T380 Tape Library provides maximum flexibility by supporting LTO tape technology and IBM® TS11X0 Tape technology, enabling you to select the tape technology that is the perfect fit for your business.

    Click here for more information.

  • T950v

    Same capacities and most features as T950 but at a reduced price point.

    Enterprise tape storage is now more affordable. Spectra is now offering a reduced-cost version of its award-winning T950 Tape Library. This full-featured library model has all of the capabilities of the original but with a few bells and whistles left off to achieve some significant cost savings. It still has the ability to use LTO-7, LTO-7 Type M and LTO-8 drives and media, or the extra high performance of IBM® TS1160 technology. T950v can also expand to a max of 8 frames like the original T950.

    Click here for more information.

Disk Products & Converged Storage

  • Spectra BlackPearl NAS

    Not all NAS is Created Equal

    BlackPearl NAS is the optimal platform for mid-tier data as it provides self-protecting, flexible and affordable secondary storage for data that does not require continual backup. It is the only NAS solution on the market that can be upgraded to a BlackPearl Converged Storage System, providing both NAS and object storage capabilities in a single cost-effective solution.

    Click here for more information.

  • Spectra BlackPearl Object Storage Disk

    Part of the BlackPearl family, this simple, object-based storage system scales into petabytes for maximum TCO

    BlackPearl Object Storage Disk leverages BlackPearl’s hybrid storage architecture and high-density drives, creating an object storage-based disk platform that delivers maximum longevity, efficiency and cost effectiveness with the performance of nearline disk. Drive Lifecycle Management, Spectra’s power management technology, extends the life of your disk drives while delivering fast access to archive storage. Engineered for data reliability and integrity, Spectra's unique software implementation brings new life to long-term disk storage. BlackPearl creates an on-premise cloud with a RESTful interface to make storage more accessible.

    Click here for more information.

  • BlackPearl Converged Storage System

    Simply and affordably preserves your data forever

    Spectra® BlackPearl® Converged Storage System solves the problem of costly and complex approaches to digital preservation by combining multiple standard interfaces and storage targets into a simple and affordable solution designed for diverse workflows.

    Click here for more information.


  • StorCycle

    StorCycle Storage Management Software is a new solution that automatically identifies and moves inactive data or completed projects from primary storage, that can be scattered across many locations or contained in projects or folders, to a lower cost storage tier, reducing overall storage expenses by up to 70%. This automatically frees primary storage capacity for active projects, improves performance, and reduces administrative time. Data integrity is ensured through multiple copies stored in multiple locations and tiers, including public cloud, disk and tape.



GSA Schedule 70

Dec 20, 2011- Dec 19, 2021


May 01, 2015- Apr 30, 2025

State and Local

State of Alaska Cloud Solutions Contract- NASPO

Aug 07, 2017- Sep 16, 2026

State of Arkansas Cloud Solutions Contract- NASPO

Jul 01, 2017- Sep 15, 2026

Texas DIR-TSO-4356

Dec 30, 2019- Dec 30, 2021
*Additional Option Years Available


Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC)

Aug 10, 2019- Jun 30, 2022




The StorCycle Storage Management Software was built to identify inactive data that uses expensive storage capacities. By moving valuable assets to a separate tier, users will have quick and easy access to all of their data that is now protected at a more affordable cost. Consisting of both primary a...

Solutions Brief

Spectra enables federal agencies to meet their continuity of operations and disaster recovery requirements by providing a broad range of disk, tape and hybrid cloud storage solutions.


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