SOFware Solutions for the Public Sector


    Our Assessment, Selection, Training, Development, and Mentorship software application used by elite military and law enforcement clients to gauge candidates and future members for attributes the organization requires.


    A standalone (air gapped) Access Point/Computer that has FORGETM embedded on it. We build the client's existing curriculum into FORGETM, and the access point allows tablets/laptops to connect create grading sessions, upload grades/comments for various events created by the Selector, and to Select/Non-select candidate based on attributes, performance, and risk.

  • Assessment & Selection Domain Expert

    (A&S DE) – SOFware LLC only hires former Tier 1 Operators who’ve used FORGE to Assess & Select to engage our current and future clients. They are experts in FORGE programming, troubleshooting, and at disseminating Selection best practices to help improve your organization’s selection process.